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Could I Be An Entrepreneur

Could I Be An Entrepreneur

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The term ‘Entrepreneur’ often makes us think of uber-rich and successful business folk, who have built up their businesses from scratch through blood, sweat and toil. Management gurus and industry leaders would have us believe that such individuals all possess a very specific set of personality traits, whom have all followed a similar path, dedicated to their goal to the exclusion of all else.

The Reality of Entrepreneurs

In reality, entrepreneurs are everywhere, some just starting out, others with small businesses they are slowly building, with no intention or desire to ever branch out and get bigger. An entrepreneur, by definition, is anyone who sets up a business with a degree of financial risk, with the intention of making a profit of some form. £ or £££££ it doesn’t matter. Being an entrepreneur really means giving your ideas a try and seeing where they lead.

Indicators of Potential Success

Could I Be An EntrepreneurThose specific traits of having a strong work ethic, persistence, persuasiveness and self-discipline may well be present in many leading entrepreneurs, but they are by no means a prerequisite of success. There are other, less obvious, traits that many entrepreneurs also share – see if any of these feel familiar to you, you too could have what it takes to go it alone and succeed with your own business:

  • Questioning the norm – many entrepreneurs simply can’t sit back and follow the pack. They thrive on challenging conventional wisdom and the traditional ways of doing things. This can set them up for a fall, or on the road to a success with a fresh approach
  • Bored easily – being easily bored may mean that you are itching to try something new that you find more challenging and interesting. Perhaps you have abilities that are not being tested under conventional working practices, or study methods. This is one of the reasons Bill Gates dropped out of college. Enough said!
  • Difficulty in holding a job down – being able to apply yourself is one thing; downright laziness will see you out on your ear from any job. But if you find yourself unable to settle into a job role despite your best efforts, then maybe being a small part of something bigger is not for you – you need to be the wheel, not just a cog within it
  • Resistance to authority – some may say this is just you being difficult (and in some cases they may be right!). But a common trait among entrepreneurs is their unwillingness to go with the flow. It works sometimes, but constantly being managed, controlled and directed may be stymieing your creative flair, the challenge of establishing your own business could be just what you need
  • Being bullied as a youngster – bullying of any kind, any time in your life is abhorrent. But some people respond by coming back at the world with a determination to prove others wrong, succeeding in spite of the naysayers. Being driven to excel in this way is like rocket fuel to many entrepreneurs, it plays a vital role in their success
  • A touch of OCD – suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is no joke, but some people exhibit a degree of OCD behaviour that, when able to be directed and managed, can lead them to great things in the business world. Anyone who has enjoyed success with a small business knows that you never really switch off. You have to be a bit obsessive in order to make it work. The trick is to control it, not allowing it to consume you: a delicate balancing act
  • Difficulty in switching off – many successful entrepreneurs report they can (or have to) exist on less sleep than most people. This is because their minds are constantly buzzing with ideas and solutions, dreaming of things they’d like to try. If this is you, then maybe it’s time to leave the day job



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