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Could using a Hot Desk be good for your business?

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What is a Hot Desk?

The term Hot Desk comes from the naval term of hot racking, sailors used to share bunks and sleep in shifts! In the 80’s and 90’s the idea was transferred into the business sector, and meant using work desks to save costs and space.

The idea worked well, there were added bonuses, staff were feeling interactive, independent and with that became a more productive environment. Where you find a working environment with many staff absent from their desks due to field visits or working from home, Hot Desks can be very beneficial especially for a small business or a freelancer.

Hot Desking within an office environment can be great, you hire a desk for as many hours as wish, just plug in your laptop to the office broadband and off you go. You can use one of the desks as often as you require and most offices that offer the service can bill you on either an hourly or daily rate, as and when you need to use it.

Hot desks for small businesses

Who is Hot Desking for?

Working from home can be quite a task, you may feel that you are often distracted or unmotivated. Also, working from home can mean that you become isolated and perhaps even miss a quick natter at the coffee machine, if this is the case then Hot Desking is a great solution. If you usually pop into your local crowded coffee shop to work but can’t always find a table and, let’s face it, coffee shops aren’t always the quietest of places, using a Hot Desk could be a better option. You will be surrounded be like-minded people and you may even be lucky enough to do some B2B promotion while you’re there!

Do you find your work colleagues are always on the move? You may require a short-term base that will help you catch up on work, clients and even keep up with all that’s happening back at HQ. Hot Desks could well be the answer to your problems without the big expensive of renting an entire office.

How do I find a Hot Desk?

Use the Internet to source a desk locally; there are many offices that are catching on to the idea of renting desk space as big offices just aren’t renting due to the economic climate. There are some big companies that offer a broker service, you can book through them and it’s useful to do this if you are passing through an area and you know you’ll need a desk even for a few hours. For longer-term use it’s a good idea to ask your local council and find out if they can recommend anywhere local to you if you are unsuccessful with an online search. And don’t forget to haggle the price, if you view an office and it seems fairly empty then use the opportunity to suggest you pay a lower price!

What are the advantages?

By using a Hot Desk you get access to all the facilities you would expect to find in an office such as a kitchen, meeting rooms, fax machine as well as the broadband and telephone – you don’t get all this in a café! There are plenty of locations available in towns and cities around the UK.

What are the disadvantages? 

You will not always get the same desk, you’ll need to bring your laptop with you and most offices for Hot Desking will ask that you keep your telephone calls fairly quiet! Some offices will have desk screens meaning you will have privacy, I have seen some that don’t so remember this when you are viewing. If you haven’t booked the desk in advance there is also a small possibility that the spaces will be full.





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