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Does working in an office make you fat?

does work?ing in an office make you fat

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Do you work in an office? Have you wondered why you’ve been putting on weight recently? It could be because of your job. If you spend the majority of your day stuck at the computer or on the phone it’s likely that you’ll have put weight on in the last year. There are ways you can help yourself and limit the effects of the afternoon cake run.

Research by men’s fashion store High and Mighty found that as many as 42% of office workers had put on at least a stone in the past year. Overall, 50% of women and 40% of men had gained some weight over the 12 months. For many this is because of the afternoon lull that only a sugar fix will solve and for others having a boring and mundane job leads to a snacking addiction.does working in an office make you fat

Working in an office can seem like a constant round of birthdays and Friday afternoon cakes and as 17% of women surveyed said they had no willpower to say no, it’s not surprising that we’re piling on the pounds. The snacking craze isn’t even bypassing the men, with 50% of them saying they’re addicted.

How can you help yourself?

Just because you work in an office doesn’t mean you have to give in to inevitable weight gain. There are ways in which you can help yourself, whilst still indulging in the odd treat.

Resist Temptation

The obvious solution is to simply take food with you to work and have no money to buy anything else. Make some healthy snacks to help avoid the mid morning and afternoon slumps. Have some ready chopped fruit and vegetables to hand, which are easy to snack on while you’re working. Other ways of boosting your energy are with small portions of unsalted nuts and dried fruits. If you’ve got something ready to eat your mind won’t be occupied with calorie laden treats.

You also need to make your own lunch. Shop bought sandwiches can be a lot unhealthier than homemade ones. You can control exactly how much butter, mayonnaise and salt you add and there’s also less chance of you being tempted by the cake counter.

Does working in an office make you fat

Make an Effort

We’re all guilty of saying we’re too busy to exercise, but really you’ve got plenty of opportunity while you’re in the office. Even small amounts of physical activity can make a big difference. When it’s time for a drink offer to make them rather than waiting for someone else. The walk to the kitchen is a perfect opportunity to stretch your legs. Likewise, walk to the printer for every document instead of waiting for a few and go and speak to your colleague at the other end of the office rather than picking up the phone.

Get physical

Even though you’ve brought your own lunch in, you can still go for a walk during your break. The fresh air and walk will invigorate you and prepare you for the rest of the afternoon. When you’re coming in and out of the office make sure you take the stairs instead of the lift.

No one wants to be a party pooper and say no to every cake, but if your overall diet becomes healthier those little treats won’t make you feel so guilty.





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