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Dont like your job do something about it

dont like your job

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There’s one in every canteen, the person sitting there saying how rubbish it is to work there, moaning about every policy and calling all the manager useless as if they should be running the multi-national company themselves. If you don’t have one then I’m afraid you are the person!

If you are in the situation where you truly hate your job then here’s a tip, don’t go round shouting about it, if you do find another job then it’s best not to burn your bridges, because if you lose your new job you may not be welcome back if you’ve been negative about it. Don’t take to social media and start complaining about how rubbish your job is because the people in suits have computers too and the attitude from them will be, ‘no one drags you to work’.

What would you really like to do?

It’s probably time to start looking for something new so ask yourself, what am I good at? What do I like doing?dont like your job And once you’ve decided what it is then start doing some research into the types of jobs that match your skills, look at realistically what you could do and then start looking at what you need to do to get there. Chances are you will need to gain some qualifications so start looking at courses either at local colleges or on the Open University and plan your path to getting ready for that job. It maybe that the job you want requires more real-world experience so start looking at local organisations who can offer you experience on a voluntary basis, it’s worth taking advantage of the current financial environment and getting companies to give your voluntary work to get experience.

Get your CV in check

Once you are satisfied you have all the qualifications and experience then it’s time to look at that CV, get it looking great and make sure you are selling yourself to the people you are looking to get employed with, if you are unsure of where to go with a CV then we have all the advice you need right here.

If you are lucky enough to get another job then make sure you leave gracefully, don’t argue with your boss and start calling everyone names – make sure they remember you as a valuable member of staff so that if things do go wrong then there’s a chance to go back.

Could you improve your current job?

If you haven’t managed to find something else then start looking at how you can improve your job, do you want a pay rise, maybe you can move departments, or perhaps it’s time you had a one on one discussion with your manager about your concerns, you never know they may do something about it or perhaps they might be able to reassure you about the reasons they do things the way they do, you could even think about taking on some more responsibility and looking to move up the ladder, it can go some way to changing your perspective. Whatever happens there is no point staying miserable and you don’t want to end up as that guy people move away from in the staff



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