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Getting kids to school on time

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 Every parent will know that school mornings can be stressful. You’re either trying to coax a tired and grumpy teenager out of bed, getting your kids to eat breakfast or trying to get dressed and ready with a small child rifling through your toiletries while keeping a continuous eye on the clock. If this sounds familiar, then these tips may help with getting kids to school on time!

A lot of time can be saved the night before by preparing lunches, getting uniforms ready, having a bath and having PE or swimming kits ready and waiting to go. Have your child’s timetable of activities up in a communal area so you always know what’s going off during the week and so can prepare for it the night before.

Get rid of distractions

Distractions are one of the main culprits for time wasting in the morning, namely the TV or computer games. Either cut them out completely or have a set time after breakfast when the TV goes off. If they’re up and ready early you could class it as a treat or let them have an extra fifteen minutes of free time when they get home. Encouraging them to be responsible for themselves from a young age is a great way of developing their independence.

As your kids get older they will be able to get themselves dressed, make their own breakfasts and tidy away after themselves. Consider giving them small jobs they’re each responsible for and a morning checklist to complete every day, from getting dressed to putting their bowls in the dishwasher.

Be Happy!


getting kids to school on time,

A good mood is infectious so if you have tired or grumpy kids that would rather stay in bed until the last minute, then tackle the morning with enthusiasm and positivity – it might eventually rub off on them! However if you’re stressed and grouchy and in turn snapping at the kids, it might be a recipe for disaster.

Make more time

If you’re continually finding you’re late or rushing in the morning, getting up an extra ten minutes earlier might be all it takes to give you that head start. Some kids may get up better with an alarm clock which you could set a little earlier. Rushing around increases stress levels and will cause you to snap. It doesn’t set the mood for the rest of anyone’s day so give yourself plenty of time in the mornings.

Praise where deserved

When your kids are getting ready quickly or helping you tidy away, make sure you praise them. It may be all too easy to forget as you’re dashing about trying to organise everyone but when children are praised for their efforts they’re more likely to remember and continue their positive behaviour in the future. You could put a treat in with their lunch if they’ve been particularly good or reward them with stopping off at the playground after school as an incentive to be helpful every morning.

Don’t give your child attention for bad behaviour. Whining, arguing or stalling are tactics that kids will use to focus your attention away from the task in hand. Negative attention from you will still be an incentive for them to continue their behaviour so ignore it and only focus on positive behaviour, making sure you praise them for it.

If your child always struggles to wake in the mornings, they may need to go to bed a little earlier or not have TVs or computer games in their room to keep them from sleeping. A good nights’ sleep is imperative for a child’s learning so make sure they get it.



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