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Having multiple jobs


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Having one job seems hard enough doesn’t it but many people actually have a second job or maybe two part time jobs. Having multiple jobs is on the increase, some through choice and others born from necessity.

Why do people have multiple jobs?

In these cash strapped times some people don’t actually have an alternative. They have a full-time job and then another job on top of that to simply make ends meet. Some people may find that they are in a position where they have to accept two part-time jobs as they cannot secure a full time job in the current economic climate. Others might take on extra work in a freelance capacity, whilst remaining employed in an endeavour to set up their own business.  This is an excellent way to business start-up as it presents an opportunity to test the market demand whilst still having a guaranteed source of income. Or some people might take on a role of something they love to do, or with view to an eventual career change even though it doesn’t pay well or is indeed may work unpaid for a  charity to bring more fulfilment to their lives.

The good

Whatever the reasons for undertaking two jobs as with everything it seems, there are going to be good and bad points and probably sacrifices to be made! Let’s explore the Good:-

Income increased – if the second job is a paid job then undoubtedly you are increasing your income and giving yourself more disposable income which allows a better standard of living for you and your family. Most of us could do with that!

Job security – whilst many of us feel we are on a constant knife edge with regard to the threat of redundancy ringing in the air, having the cushion of income from a second job is a welcome benefit.

Learning new skills – you could be learning new skills in your second job, especially if it is a totally different job to the one you are used to doing. This in turn could lead to better long term prospects.

New challenges – having a second job can provide you with new challenges that create fresh thinking and prevent you from feeling stale. It can encourage and stimulate you.

Making new contacts – having a second job will introduce new people in your life. You are likely to make new friends socially as well as meeting people who may have connections you need. You could be networking your way to where you would like to be!

Your golden opportunity – your second job may be the catalyst to get you where you would really like to be in your life. Changing career direction can be costly as you often have to start at the bottom – again! At least if you have your other job which pays most of the way having a second job in something you really want to do can be a great way to get a foothold  on that ladder. If you are serious about changing career you could even work for free (for a certain period) for an employer to gain essential experience with a view to paid employment after that.

There are also down sides to multiple jobs so let’s have a look at those .

The bad

multiple jobs Spinning plates – juggling two jobs, running a household and looking after a family can be very demanding a bit like spinning plates; you have to get the time management down to a fine art and make sure that one doesn’t run into the other!

Your performance may suffer- in your primary or new post as you are not able to commit the level that is required. This can place your position in an organisation at risk. Also some companies are averse to employees having further employment and it would be prudent to check out their views in the first instance, especially if you are operating in a similar field – they may worry that you will take business from them.

You may become too tired- running from one job to the other both mentally and physically. This can create burnout. Be sure you are aware of the demands it will make on you before you commit to taking on another post.

The ugly

The ugly side of multiple jobs has to be the fact that you will have less time to devote to your family. The time you do spend with your family may be of less quality as you may be tired a lot of the time.

Multiple jobs suit many people for many different reasons, and lots of people successfully undertake multiple jobs. Finding a job that interests you is fundamental. It must suit you and fit well in your life. Discipline in managing your time is key and ensuring that you don’t take too much on – you must make sure you have time and energy left to enjoy all you work for.










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About Shani Fowler

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