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Holiday childcare

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It’s the Summer Holidays and your tiny little bundles of terror are off school, but what happens when you still have to go to work? For some the reality is that they can’t rely on family help to support them when they have to work, and many employers simply can’t allow you to have that much time off. It’s in these cases we have to turn to holiday childcare schemes and the prices of these schemes is going skyward every year.

Childcare costs rising

There’s been an average raise in Holiday childcare costs of around 9.2% causing the price of childcare to break the dreaded £100 per week barrier, an average cost of £109.23, for the first time ever in the UK. For those with more than one child or those living in the East of Britain, where weekly prices for childcare can be as high as £500, the cost is considerably higher.

When considering that only around 30% of local authorities actually provide holiday childcare most parents are forced to put their children on private centres which charge much more than they should be, in fact some would argue that these centres are deliberately hiking prices to take advantage of parents who have no choice but to use their services. holiday childcareMany parents who seek financial support through government funding such as Tax Credits will still find themselves crossing the £175 mark for weekly childcare costs and end up out of pocket as a result. Where government funding has been cut from other external child activities such as sports clubs, we are finding that a growing number of older children, who until recently would have attended these clubs, are being thrust into the childcare problem creating more financial uncertainty for parents.

Making changes

The fact of the matter is that as a working parent you will plough 20p of every pound you earn into childcare for your kids while you are at work through the summer holidays and that is just breaking the surface of increased expenditure during holiday times. If the cost of childcare continues to rise in this country and the cost of childcare isn’t set at an even bar in all territories in the UK then we will soon find ourselves in a position where parents will have no choice but to not work so that they can care for their children and that will only lead to greater pressures on the benefits system.

We need to start looking at alternative options and putting those ideas together, I’ll get the ball rolling, how about big employers offering free childcare facilities at their premises? Surely your local Tesco can find space for childcare facilities and staff to manage them while you are working for them? It’s something to think about anyway surely, maybe staggering shifts so one employee agrees to take care of everyone else kids while the others work and they rotate every few hours? Well who knows, there must be a better option than throwing our money at these out-of-school schemes that will be better for our kids in the long run.



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