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Home Business Marketing

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Home business marketing is essential and deciding to start a home based business is just the start. Without a good marketing plan you won’t be able to publicise yourself to your target audience. Budgets can often be tight when you’re launching a business, so here are some top tips for marketing your home business that won’t cost a fortune.

Invest in a website

In today’s digital age it’s important that you spend time and part of your budget on creating the best website you can. No matter what area you’re operating within, the internet is usually the first place potential customers look when they’re searching for something. You need to make sure that it’s high up in the rankings, by having a search engine optimised site and indexing it on Google Maps.

Home Business Marketing

It’s not only important that you have a site, but also that it makes a good first impression and encourages them to shop with you or use your services. On the site you need to explain exactly what the business model is, what your services or products are and what makes you unique. The website should be clear and simple and easy to use and navigate around. There’s no point having a top class site that takes ages to load, as customers will invariably choose another site rather than wait around.

Utilise social media

You might not be a huge fan of social media in your personal life, but you definitely need to make use of it as a marketing tool for your business. Not only is it generally free to use, but it’s also a great way of sharing information and interacting with your customers. Make sure you set up accounts with sites that are used by your customers, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

You need to provide regular updates on the business, as well as sharing relevant industry information or just things that you find funny. Using social media to market your business isn’t always about selling things. It’s also about building up a relationship with your customers and creating a brand that they value.


Anyway in which you can easily show your expertise in the industry is vital to the success of the business and blogging is a great way of achieving this. It’s now really simple to create a blog using software such as WordPress. You can create a link to it from your site and publicise it through social networks.

The blog can be used to comment on industry events or update customers on a new line you stock. Whatever you write about, make sure you provide regular updates, as a blog that hasn’t got any new information doesn’t give out a good impression. You can also contribute to other people’s blogs that are relevant to your business and encourage guest bloggers on your site, as a way of increasing traffic.

Home Business Marketing

Media publicity

You might not have the finances to create adverts when you’re launching your business, but there are other ways of appearing in the media. Try putting together a simple press release about the launch of the business or other milestones and then send this to local and other relevant media outlets. If you’re unsure of the structure of a press release and the information to include, then there are lots of examples online.

With a home based business it’s especially important to get the marketing right. You’ve no passing trade to fall back on and your biggest asset will be the power of the internet.



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