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How to find a good child minder

how to find a good child minder

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The decision to leave your children with a child minder can be a difficult one. You are placing a lot of trust into somebody you don’t even know. Here the Working Parent have a guide on how to find a good child minder with a few things you need to consider. There are many things you can do to ensure you are choosing the most reliable child-minder to suit your needs.

Look for a qualified and registered child-minder

The very first thing you need to do is ensure the child minder is fully qualified. The very basic requirement you should look out for is a qualification for the early year’s foundation stage.

This course teaches the child-minder how to care for children from birth to five years old. It also teaches them more about stimulating the children they care for. This includes providing activities and toys suitable for each stage of childhood.

Those who are more interested in child-minding tend to go on to complete additional diplomas or degrees in child care. Typically the more qualifications the child minder has, the more passionate they will be about the job.


As well as having the right qualifications, child minders also need to be registered. You can find local registered child minders on the Gov.uk website. Local councils have a list of registered child minders.

All child minders need to have a first aid qualification and they also need to have been checked over by the Criminal Records Bureau. If they are looking after children in their own home, any adults living with them also need to be checked over by the Criminal Records Bureau.

how to find a good child minder

Getting to know them

Qualifications aren’t the only thing you should consider. It is important to make sure they are the right fit for you and your kids.

It is recommended that you get to know them better before making a decision. The child minder will usually also be keen to find out more about you and your family as they want to ensure it is also a good fit for them. Go out for coffee or arrange a meeting so that you can have a proper chat.

Everybody is different and no matter how qualified a child minder might be, you could still face a clash of personalities.

Good questions to ask

It can be really helpful to have a list of questions you can ask the child minder throughout your meeting. Some of the most important include:

  • How do you deal with discipline?
  • What would be a typical day for you?
  • What would be a typical meal and snacks you’d prepare?
  • What activities do you typically provide for the children in your care?

How the child minder will discipline your children is particularly important. Find out what they consider bad behaviour to be and how they usually handle it. Their discipline style needs to match your own as closely as possible.

Finding out what a typical day consists of will help you to determine how much time they have available to watch over your kids. How many other kids do they need to look after? What meals do they provide?

After finding out as much as you can about the daily routine and what to expect, you will have a good idea of whether the child minder is right for your family. Don’t feel like you have to rush to make a decision; above all else you need to know that you can trust them and that can take time.





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