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How to get the most from your day


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How often do you find yourself saying, ” Where on earth does the time go?” Of course we all have moments like that, but not every day has to be that way. Here’s a few pointers on how to get the most from your day. Some will speak to you more loudly than others, but don’t be scared to try each one on for size and see how you go.

1. What’s most important?

So to start with, simply establish the three most vital tasks of the day. Then when you’ve done that; do all you can to achieve them. It sounds simple, but this little prioritising process will really make a massive difference and set you off on the right track for the rest of the day!

2. Good Morning!

A great day follows a good morning. So it’s important to devise a morning routine that will allow you to welcome the day in fine fettle. Everyone is different, but the key is to feel good!
Try to think of all the things you appreciate, it may just be how good your bed feels or how much you enjoyed your sleep. Then as you get up continue to focus on the abundance in your life and follow with your feel good processes. You might meditate, eat a healthy breakfast or excercise. Whatever it is, do it because it feels good.

3. The big one

Something we may forget is to re focus the big goal, the long term dream, the true ambition! Sometimes we’re just too busy sweating the small stuff and it’s vital to get back on track.
Having just one big goal at a time makes you much more effective and more likely to accomplish it, but you must remember to focus on it each day and the morning is the best time to do this. Never focus on how far away you are from the goal, but make it a part of your morning routine to decide what you’re going to do today to further your big Goal, and if possible, do it first thing.

make the most of your day

4.Be your own ’10 o clock’

We’re very good at scheduling meetings with others that have a do not disturb sign on them, but how often do we schedule a meeting for ourselves to further our ‘big goal’ that are equally non disturbable..
Set aside an hour (preferably in the morning) for a meeting with yourself. You’ll instantly feel like your moving forward towards the big one!

5. Do not disturb

This one speaks for itself, but so often we forget to do it. When you have something that must be done, turn off the phone, don’t look at your emails and give whatever you’re doing 100% you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get your task completed and can then give your attention to whatever else needs doing.

6. Work out when is best

Everybody has their own ‘prime time’. It’s the time when you work at your best. For some it’s the morning, for others it’s the afternoon. Once you’ve established yours, schedule the most important tasks for that time. Find your prime time, and use it wisely.

7. End well

Always go for a good finish and what I mean by that is, as you close up shop for the day, complete this simple process: tidy your desk, empty your inbox, (with anything outstanding put on a to do list for tomorrow), and plan what you want to do the next day. It’s a great way to end your day and an even better start for tomorrow.

8. Think about your day

Finally, as each day comes to a close, take a few moments to review the day. What did you do? What went well? Congratulate yourself on how well you dealt with obstacles of difficulties and gently suggest to yourself how you could improve or maybe come at things from a different angle.

Remember your Big Goal, and notice the progress you’ve made on it. If there isn’t any, visualise tomorrow with real movement and celebrate successes. Keeping a diary is a great way to milk the feeling of success!



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