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How to motivate yourself in the morning

How to motivate yourself in the morningin the morning

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Do you ever wish you had the get up and go attitude of your children? If your kids are anything like mine, they’re up and ready to explore the new day the second they wake. Parents, on the other hand, often need to hit the snooze button a few times before they’re ready to face the day. Even then they often have to drag themselves out of bed to make sure the kids aren’t late for school.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to motivate yourself in the morning. We’re not promising miracles but even a few minutes and a little more energy can help make the difference between a nice leisurely morning and running about like a headless chicken trying to get everyone out the door on time.

Take a deep breath

Taking deep breaths is usually associated with stressful or irritating situations. This is because it relaxes you. While this may seem a little counter-productive to getting out of bed, it increases the oxygen levels reaching your brain and makes you more alert, while still being relaxed about the day ahead. So when the alarm goes off take a few moments to breathe deeply and set yourself up for the day.

Ditch the snooze button

At 6.30am it may seem like a godsend to be able to spend a further 10 minutes in bed. However, you’d be much better off just setting the alarm for 10 minutes later and getting up as soon as it goes off. Pressing the snooze button only delays the inevitable and you’ll end up feeling grouchy that the alarm has woken you two or three times and groggy from snoozing in between alarms.

Move your alarm clock

Most of us keep the alarm clock next to the bed. While this makes total sense if you’re a slave to the snooze button, if you want to get up the first time it goes off then consider moving it to the other side of the room. That way you’ll have to get up to switch it off and if you’re already out of bed there’s no point getting back in just to have to roll out again 10 minutes later. This trick is particularly handy if you use your phone as your alarm. By leaving it across the room you’ll be much less likely to interrupt your sleep to check a random Twitter alert at 2am.

Focus on the good

How to motivate yourself in the morningIt’s easier said than done but if you forget about the chores and the stresses of work and concentrate on the good parts of the day then you’ll find it much easier to get out of bed in the morning. Positive thinking aids motivation and the more you have to look forward to, the more energised you’ll feel. For this reason try to plan something fun into every day, even if it’s something simple like cooking your favourite dinner when you get home.


We’re not talking about going for an early morning jog (though if you want to, go for it!) but getting the right amount of exercise is a great way to ensure a good night’s sleep. If you sleep well then, in theory at least, you should wake feeling much better than you would if you spent much of the night tossing and turning.

Get up early

This idea may seem far out there for those of us who struggle with morning motivation but it really can work. Getting up a little earlier leaves time to enjoy a cup of coffee, check your emails or relax in the shower without having to rush. Being able to take your time in the morning will set you up for the day ahead and you’ll start the day feeling relaxed rather than stressed.



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