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Improving your business website


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Improving your business website to attract new clients or customers

Attracting new clients and customers can be incredibly hard work at any time, but it’s always more worrying when you’re going through a bit of a lull. While some downtime is to be expected, it gives the ideal opportunity for businesses to refocus and generate new leads.

The traditional method of seeking out new business often involved direct referrals, word of mouth, meetings and networking. However, these days there is much more emphasis on the internet.If small business owners want to succeed in the 21st century, it’s important that they have a virtual business as well as a physical one.The first step is to ensure that you have a professional website and are easily found online. Here are some top tips to help you improve your online image and attract new clients and customers.


improve business websiteYour website acts as a shop window to internet users. It’s available for them to look at 24 hours a day and 80% of customers will have check out your business online, before contacting you.It’s the perfect opportunity for you to show off. Make sure the website looks professional, meets the needs of your target market and is easy to navigate around.

There is nothing worse than visiting a site, but not be able to find your way around it. It’s similar to getting lost in a supermarket as a child. You feel trapped, but unfortunately for the site owner, there’s an easy exit. A great looking website is the first step to attracting new customers.

Getting found

Unless people go directly to your website, perhaps they’ve got the address on a business card or flyer, they’ll often head straight to their preferred search engine. Presented with hundreds or thousands of results, the vast majority click the first link. If your shiny new website is not found on the first page of results, there’s a good chance that 90% of people won’t know you exist.

You could have just created the best website in the world, but if no one can find you, it’s little use. This is where online marketing comes into play – generating high quality content and sharing it, is how business owners engage with potential customers.


Picture the scenario: a friend recommends a company to you. The first thing you do is search for them on the internet to find their website. You’re presented with several results, but it’s not the company you were looking for. On the internet, your brand is very important. It’s essential that you consider the availability of your business name. While it might not be registered with Companies House, there’s a good chance that the Twitter handle, Facebook page or even the domain name has already been snapped up.

The way small businesses communicate and connect with their target audience is changing, with a much stronger emphasis on the internet. To ensure your business doesn’t dry up, it’s important that you improve your website and start generating leads.






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