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Interview tips


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Attending an interview can be nerve wracking, especially if you haven’t had one for a while. It’s important to make sure you prepare yourself and have an idea of what to expect beforehand. To help we’ve put together a few top interview tips for what to do before and when you’re there.

Do your research

It’s crucial that you know something about the company you’re interviewing for. This will make you look knowledgeable and keen and might also spark some questions that you can ask at the interview. With the internet it’s quick and easy to get information on businesses. The first place to look is the company’s website, which will have a section about the business and list the types of work they do and clients they work for. Social networks, including LinkedIn and Twitter, are also a good way of getting a general impression about a company. If you know anyone who already works there, ask them what they like about their employer and for any information that would be helpful.

Plan what to wear

Deciding on an interview outfit can be difficult, particularly if you don’t know what the business environment is like. If you’re in any doubt, you can always check with your contact as to what’s appropriate. It will largely depend on the culture of the company and whether you’re interviewing for a professional or corporate role or the meeting is more informal. However, you should always aim to be as smart as possible. How you dress says a lot about you and you can easily give a bad first impression by choosing the wrong outfit.

Perfect your technique

interview tipsAttending an interview can help you get the job or progress to the next level. However, it can equally be the reason you don’t get the role. Making sure you’re as prepared as possible before the interview can help you do well once you’re there. Read through your CV and prepare for any potential questions. It won’t look good if you can’t remember how long you worked somewhere or what you did in your previous role. Have a think about why you want the particular job and what you can bring to the company.

Arrive on time

Being late for an interview or rushing in at the last minute will definitely give the wrong impression and shows bad time management. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get there, especially if you don’t know where you’re going. Plan your journey in advance and look at times of public transport or where the nearest car park is. It’s far better to have time to spare and prepare yourself, rather than feeling flustered. If you get there too early you could get a quick drink close by, but don’t be tempted to take this to the interview.

In the interview

Before you are called into the interview switch your phone off and don’t check it while you’re in. Be professional in how you speak and don’t be over friendly with the interviewer. Listen carefully and focus on what they’re saying, as this will help you answer their questions. Take a few seconds to think before you answer and get to the point without rambling. At the end of the interview thank them for seeing you and ask when you might expect to hear from them. Follow up if required, but don’t appear pushy.

Hopefully by following these steps you’ll shine at your next interview and be successful in your job search.



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