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Job interview do’s and don’ts

Job interview do's and don'ts

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Making a good impression at a job interview is vital if you are to have any chance of securing the role. Deep down, we all know what we’re supposed to do and which behaviours to avoid. But interviews are stressful and it’s easy to forget the basics when you’re under pressure. Here are some helpful reminders that may just jog your memory at the crucial moment next time you’re facing an interview panel. Read, digest and file for future reference!

Things You Should Do

  • Dress smartly and appropriately – choose an outfit you feel comfortable in and get it ready the night before. Now is not the time for wardrobe experiments
  • Know how to get to the interview – revise your route plan and leave enough time to arrive without feeling flustered
  • Prepare well – find out what form the interview will take. If you will be expected to make a presentation make sure you have everything ready in advance and practice well. Find out about the company you are applying to work for
  • Consider questions – both those you may be asked and ones you can ask yourself
  • Aim to make 3-4 key points in every answer you give – avoid waffling
  • Showcase your skills – just saying you posses a skill is not enough, you need to give live examples of where you demonstrated your skills to good effect
  • Take your time – consider each question carefully before answering and ask if you require clarification
  • Be positive – you are there to sell yourself, it’s up to you to be upbeat
  • Turn off your mobile phone
  • Talk about what you can do for your prospective employer – not what they can do for you
  • Salary savvy – understand your market worth and pitch in a little above this if salary is open for discussion
Job interview do's and don'ts

Things Not to Do

  • Don’t be over familiar – it’s okay to try and build rapport, but the interviewers are not your mates
  • Don’t use slang or swear words – be respectful in the language you use
  • Don’t be late – and if you are unavoidably detained by travel disruption beyond your control, then call ahead
  • Don’t be tempted to lie – interviewers are not daft. Many have received training in how to detect lies and even if they haven’t, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to manage your body language to support the deceitful words coming out of your mouth. The interviewer will know something is not right
  • Don’t slouch or appear disinterested – you must make it appear as if this job is the most important thing in your world
  • Don’t let nerves consume you – a few jitters are natural, but too many nerves will affect your performance. If you know you suffer from this, it’s important to practice some breathing techniques to help get things under control
  • Don’t get drawn into controversial topics – religion, politics, gender issues – these are all potentially inflammatory and probably bear no relevance to the job
  • Don’t crib from your CV – you should know yourself well enough to talk without prompts
  • Don’t criticise former colleagues – no one wants to employ a gossip or a troublemaker
  • Don’t be over confident – arrogance is a turn-off and seen as disrespectful
  • Don’t argue – in this scenario the interviewer is always right!



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