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Mumpreneur and Dadpreneur: Do we like these terms?

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The terms mumpreneur and dadpreneur are popping up all over. It’s a sad fact of our society that we have to micro-label every facet of our culture, instead of just being what we are we are forced to squeeze ourselves into unrecognisable sub-cultures, invented by a glossy journalist trying to coin the next buzz word.

Why the label?

The Mumpreneur and Dadpreneur sub cultures are terms used by the uneducated who refuse to believe a parent is capable of the same kind of commitment to a cause than someone who doesn’t have children. Surely if you are running a successful business or string of businesses then you are simply an entrepreneur whether or not you have a family to consider, and the need for sub cultures is one championed only by parents who feel they have something to tell the world. mumpreneur and dadpreneur

What I mean is, the only time a mother would refer to herself as a Mumpreneur is if she felt that by being a mother in business she was somehow working harder than her peers who do not have families and that this fact was important enough to share with the world, it’s an arrogant label. Why do we need these labels? What is it that makes us want to be separate from our fellows in such clearly definable ways? I’m not sure what it is but I do know that society can do without them, we survived for a very long time without them and I think we’ll do alright if we got rid of them today.

As a parent…

Obviously this will may touch a raw nerve for the entrepreneur who defines their life by their parenthood because they feel that in some way it makes them more deserving of our praise, you probably know someone like this, the kind of people who start every sentence with “well, as a parent…” or insist on describing in great detail every facet of their child’s development. These people need reassurance and for them the subculture is another way of reaffirming their position of hard-working parent and the rest of us should marvel at their ability to run a family and a business.

No more sob stories

Don’t let this be seen as me complaining about parents who run a business, quite the opposite, I have the greatest respect for people who can juggle those commitments, this is about people who feel the need to advertise to the world what they do and how they do it, to fore fill some need for self gratification. It isn’t just mums and dads, these micro-pockets and sub-cultures exist in every walk of life, created by people who feel the need to set themselves apart from everyone else, it’s not a requirement for you to just tell everyone what you do anymore, it’s necessary for you to preach to everyone about what you have overcome to get there, it’s the X Factor sob story culture, no one can just be good at anything anymore, they have to have a sad story to go with it.

mumpreneur and dadpreneurKids are our inspiration

Really that is all these labels are, chances for people to gloat about what they do, when really the vast majority of people who have families, and a job, and run a business do so without the need to be labelled by their parenthood. I am particularly fond of the little craft businesses that seem to be cropping up all over the place, sweets, cupcakes, card, clothes, the list goes on and many parents find it very satisfying to build a small network of customers who all have similar needs. In fact, most of these parent business owners would site their having children as the inspiration for doing something they have probably always wanted to do as before having children they most likely were working full time in a job that didn’t give them much down time, and the emotional and psychological benefits of being a successful parent can lead someone to believe they are very capable of anything the put their mind to.

A pat on the back for everyone

I say good on all the mum’s and dad’s who find the time to run a successful little business from home or even a large business from elsewhere, but lets do away with the need for quirky little labels designed to unite parents under one banner and just be happy to be great parents and successful entrepreneurs together without the need to separate ourselves from everyone else. Keep working hard and carry on being the best you can be.



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