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Perks of the job

perks of the job

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Any successful business knows that the secret to its success is the happiness of its employees. Without them there would be no business.

You rely upon your employees to provide your services and keep customers happy. If they fail to do that you would lose customers/clients and your business would slowly fail.

Happy employees work harder and are much more passionate about their job than unhappy ones. If you’re looking for ways to ensure your workforce is content, consider what current perks you have on offer.

What are employee perks?

All employees would appreciate various perks within the job. It’s what often draws people in when they apply to work for you. Job interviews are often seen as a one way street to companies. It’s all about why you should hire a person for the job. The question you should also be asking yourself is why should a person want to work for you? What are the perks of the job?

Common perks that many companies offer include:
• Company car
Flexible working hours
• Free travel
• Meals out once a month
• Free gym membership

One thing to keep in mind with employee perks is that they aren’t legally binding. What this means is that you can take them away whenever you want to. It could be that an employee has behaved badly at work so you could choose to take their perks away for a set time period.

Similarly, you could offer more perks to those who work hard for the company. You’ll soon discover that if they get appreciated for the work they do, your employees will soon start to go above and beyond for the company.

Offering individual perks

It is possible to tailor the perks of the company to each individual employee. However, the risk you take with this is that some employees could accuse you of favouritism. Perhaps you have agreed to help one employee out with child care. Suddenly you have other employees coming to you for help and if you don’t help them you could end up in serious trouble.

Therefore, it is a much better idea to offer the same perks to all employees. There are times you can offer perks to individuals. For example, when someone has done especially well within the company, you can reward them with extra perks. Or in times of difficulty you can step in and offer an employee additional help. In these situations individual perks are a great way to ensure employee loyalty.

Ensuring your perks don’t get out of hand

perks of the jobThere’s a chance that the amount of perks you offer your employees can get out of hand. Yes you want to make the company a more enjoyable place to work. However, offering too many perks can be a bad idea for a number of reasons.

Firstly you may end up losing money if you offer too many rewards. Then there’s also the chance that you could just be covering up a real problem. Why do you need to offer so many perks? Is your company hard to work for?

If your business is hard to get to, free parking is often a great perk to have. However if it isn’t only difficult to get to, but it’s also a hard job, you may be inclined to offer many additional perks. In this situation it would actually be more beneficial to you and your employees if you looked into things that will make the job easier. Is there certain equipment you could invest in that would make life easier? Investing in the business rather than simply on perks will also help to keep your employees happier.

Perks that are just as beneficial as cash

If you cannot afford to offer your staff more pay, there are some perks you can throw in that will be just as appreciated. Time off in lieu is a great perk that all employees appreciate.

Being able to take time off as and when they need to (within reason) will help to keep an employee happy. Things can crop up that are unexpected so having a peace of mind that they can take a day off if needed will really help.

Working from home some days is another perk you could offer. Obviously this one will need to be monitored. Not all employees can be trusted to actually do work at home. Give them set tasks which need to be completed that day – that way they are less likely to slack off.

There are so many different employee perks you can offer. What you should do is take a look at your employees and decide which perks would be more beneficial. Understanding the people who work for you will help you to provide the best possible rewards. It’s also a good idea to change the perks of the job every six months or so. Don’t eliminate the most popular ones, just include something a little extra for a limited time period.




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