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Save money on school uniforms

Save money on school uniforms

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We’re pretty much halfway through the school year and for many parents that means replacing items of school uniform that have been grown out of or wrecked in the playground. While school uniforms are generally seen as a cash saver, it can cost a small fortune to kit your kids out with them. However, savvy shoppers can save money on school uniforms by following these tips.

Buy pre-loved

Most schools have a system where parents can buy second-hand items. When you think about it, not much damage will have come to a school tie being worn every day so buying one that used to belong to a former pupil doesn’t really have any drawbacks. School jumpers and other items are also usually available and will be inspected for damage before being sold. Many schools even offer donated uniforms for free to families on a tight budget. Charity shops and Gumtree are also great for picking up generic items such as shirts, trousers and skirts.

Check requirements

Before you start shopping, dig out the school’s uniform list and check it over. Some schools are stricter than others when it comes to uniform. You’d kick yourself if you went out and bought a few school skirts only to be told they’re an inch too short. Likewise, many schools insist on certain styles of skirts and trousers, so make sure that everything you buy will adhere to the schools uniform policy.

Buy in the sales

Save money on school uniformsYou know your child will be at school for the best part of at least 11 years so take the opportunity to stock up in the sales. Buy one size up in the sales every year and not only will you save a packet on normal pricing, you’ll also feel super-organised and avoid the last minute rush of trying to find shirts in the right size the week before school starts back.

Choose quality over quantity

It may be tempting to buy cut-price supermarket items but consider how long they’ll last. For a fast growing seven-year-old who loves rough and tumble play then a £5 pair of trousers may be exactly the right choice. On the other hand, a sixteen-year-old should in theory get a full school year from a uniform so spending a little more on quality items will save you having to fork out twice if cheap jumpers bobble or shirts lose their crispness.

Label everything

Finally, lost clothes can contribute to the costs of school uniforms. Getting changed for PE, using jumpers as goalposts or just taking a layer off in the heat all risk misplacing a piece of the uniform. Particularly with younger kids, make sure you label everything with a note of their name and class. You don’t need fancy labels or a great sewing technique; a permanent marker on the label does the trick equally well. This means you’re more likely to get things back if they do get lost and prevents you from having to spend money on replacing items that have gone astray.




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