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The Office Fridge – don’t forget to use it!

the office fridge

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You’ve done it again: By the time you’ve got the kids ready for school, packed their bags, packed their lunches and hustled them out of the door, you realise you’ve forgotten to feed yourself. The prospect of a long day at the office looms, you’ve got important meetings, an incredibly busy schedule, and once again, you’ve skipped the most important meal of the day.

You don’t fancy swooning in front of the boss with a low blood sugar emergency, so you weigh up the options – swerve the car into a petrol station and buy a disgusting, expensive sandwich and a sugary energy bar – or force feed yourself something from the zit-inducing greasy spoon where they fry everything, including the cutlery and plates, in lard. But there is an alternative, and it’s a little nutritious haven where you can find sanctuary from service station butties and bacon from a mobile caravan – and it’s called the office fridge.the office fridge

You’re sweet enough!

The foundation of any healthy, filling breakfast is cereal. Forget sugar-sweetened lightweight things like Cheerios and Rice Crispies: It’s muesli and porridge you need to throw down your neck. These are relatively cheap, plus they keep you full for longer – if you must sweeten, use honey or fruit instead of reaching for the refined white stuff. Once you start going without sugar, your taste buds will get used to it – you’ll save hundreds of calories every month if you can resist dipping the teaspoon into the sugar pot.

Use your loaf

A loaf of wholemeal bread can come in handy too – if your office has a toaster, take advantage of it. Forget paying for soggy squares of cheap toast from the canteen. Whole-grain toast keeps you fuller for longer, and is far tastier than that barely-toasted dough they serve in the cafe.

Topping your toast can be a delight – a particular favourite of mine is low fat hummus. It’s not just a dip – it’s the perfect sandwich filling and also tastes divine on brown toast. Most supermarkets have entered into a hummus price war, meaning you can pick up multipacks of various flavours for couple of quid – enough to last the week.

Low fat low sugar

Then there’s cottage cheese, which is loaded with protein, and low-fat to boot – try adding a few slices of fruit for a zingy health boost.

Try to steer clear from the sweet stuff like jams and Nutella – if you go straight back to your desk after eating such a calorie-fest, your body will pile on the fat like emails pile up on your day off. Plus, they cause a spike in your blood sugar, meaning you get hungry more quickly, not to mention the damage to your gnashers.

And although you may scorn microwave meals, nobody is going to criticise you for eating one or two each week, especially if you go for the healthier choices. Many supermarkets do multipacks of ready meals, meaning you can feed yourself hot, healthy and cheap food all week, for the same price you’d pay for one Burger King extra value meal. Plus, the office always smells lush when you microwave a meal – it’s a great way to make colleagues jealous.

Don’t run out

A good way to make sure you’re never out of fridge fodder is to go shopping on your lunch break each Monday.  Places like Tesco Extra are your friend here, as you can stock up on fridge essentials without trekking round a giant supermarket – and they have all the goodies you need to feed yourself through the week. If you have willing colleagues, get them to chip in for things like milk. However, this leads us on to the important issue of office fridge politics:

the office fridge

Fridge politics

Wars have been fought, colleagues have been ostracised and shunned, due to the seemingly innocent question ‘who’s drank all my milk?’ Such squabbles can seem petty, but actually, a well-stocked office fridge is an enticing place for a sneaky thief. If labelling your containers doesn’t work, then try pinning a firm but polite message to the door. Failing both those tactics, install a security camera inside the fridge. This will not only catch the thief red-handed, but you’ll also see if the light really goes out when you shut the door.

Pace yourself

Taking breakfast at work is a luxury, but if your boss allows it, take advantage.  It will give you longer to get ready in the mornings, plus eating a good breakfast a little bit later in the day paces your mealtimes. If you were to eat a huge brekkie at 7am, you’d be hungry by 11am. However, if you can hold off eating until 9am or 10am, you can eat a later lunch and therefore, you won’t be ravenous when you get home from work, which is a prime cause of pigging out.

Keep that office fridge full of the healthy stuff – you’ll save pounds, not only from your purse, but from round your midriff too.



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