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Tips for helping your child succeed at school

Tips for helping your child succeed at school

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As parents we all want our kids to do well in school. However, we can’t be in the classroom to support them and encourage them to do their best. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a positive influence on kids’ behaviour and achievements while they’re at school.

Get to know the school

When your child starts a new school, try to take some time to get to know the building and the staff. You’ll be able to relate more to any snippets of information your child offers you, by introducing yourself to the teacher and support workers, you’ll know exactly who to approach if you have any concerns. Most schools have around two parents evenings each year; you can catch up with the teacher, express any worries and discuss how your child is progressing. Parents and teachers who work together are much more likely to have a positive impact on a child’s education, it’s worth putting the effort in to present a united front.

Ask questions

Rather than having the typical ‘How was your day? / Fine’ exchange with your kids after school, try to ask more specific questions. Start with the easy ones, such as ‘what did you have for lunch?’ or ‘what did you do at break?’ Ease into queries about their schoolwork and achievements or any areas that they may need to put more work into. Don’t go overboard with questions every day, kids will get sick of answering them all pretty quickly, but asking about a different subject area each evening should give you an impression of how their week has gone.


Most children will have at least some homework to do each week. One of the best ways to help your child succeed in school is by showing them you think schoolwork is important. This can mean helping them with homework, setting aside a special time of day for homework to be done, providing a healthy study environment with no distractions and praising their efforts. Kids who have already developed good homework habits by the time they hit high school will find exam revision easier to concentrate on, therefore they are likely to achieve better grades.


Tips for helping your child succeed at schoolMany parents include a bedtime story as part of a baby or toddler’s routine, but how many children keep reading for pleasure into their teens and beyond? Enjoying books not only brings on reading skills, it also provides an insight into other people’s lives and the subject matter can be educational in itself. Try not to focus too much on what your child is reading – as long as it’s age appropriate, it doesn’t matter if it’s a comic book or a classic novel, the point is to get kids reading for recreation.

Values and respect

Parents are children’s first teachers; they provide some of the most important lessons in life, these lessons are learned in the home. By teaching your children to live by your values and treat everyone with respect, you will help them to get the most out of their academic education, through a good work ethic and respect for themselves, their teachers and other pupils.



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