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Tips for keeping your employees happy and loyal

tips for keeping your employees

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The secret to any successful business is happy, loyal employees. However, the focus is often more on gaining new customers and increasing profits.

Some employers tend to forget about the people who help them do it. Happy and loyal employees will be more productive and keen to help you improve the business.

The key to employee happiness

The main way to keep your employees happy is to make sure they feel valued. They need to feel included in the company.

It’s worth having regular meetings where their voices are heard. You might just be surprised by the ideas that your employees have to take the business forward. After all, your employees are on the ground floor and they have regular contact with your clients/customers.

They know what parts of their department are failing and what parts work really well. Having monthly meetings will help to bring ideas for improvement together.

It’s worth noting that you actually have to be willing to make changes. Its one thing listening to your employees, but if you don’t act on any concerns you’ll make them feel like it’s not worth saying anything.

Keep giving new challenges

Nothing demotivates an employee faster than having to do the same thing day in and day out, so try to introduce new challenges into the workplace. Allow employees to switch departments and learn new skills every now and again. They will really appreciate this and it will help to keep them focused and motivated.

Don’t treat them like children

Tips for keeping your employees happyIt’s easy to talk down to your employees but you need to remember that they’re adults. This also means you should keep them informed if bad things are happening within the company.

It could be that the business has started to make a loss. Instead of concealing the fact, address it and provide information on how you are tackling the problem. If you let your employees know that you understand how difficult things are for them at the moment, they will be more likely to pull together to help. Treat them like children and they won’t help at all.

Don’t forget the perks

Perks are something that can really lift an employee’s spirits. You don’t have to go overboard but there are certain things you can do – competitions are an excellent idea. Host monthly competitions where a prize is awarded to the department or individual who performs the best throughout that month. Prizes can include free holidays, technology, or even a day off if you can’t afford any lavish perks. Competitions really boost productivity and motivation, while creating a fun workplace will ensure your employees stay happy and loyal.

Be considerate

If an employee comes to you with personal issues, don’t just dismiss them. Offer them as much help as you can and the employee will reward you by staying loyal and working hard for the company. Everybody goes through hard times at some point in life. Being understanding to this and offering flexible working hours and compassionate leave will help to keep them happy.

The thing to keep in mind is that you are still their boss, so you will have to act like it sometimes. You can’t be everybody’s friend all the time – be fair but strict if rules are broken.

Reward employees who deserve it and try to make the workplace as stress free as you can. Perks are definitely one of the main things to look into. By following the tips above you should notice a huge change in your workforce and the atmosphere on the shop floor.





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