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Tips for securing a new job

Tips for securing a new job

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If you’re in the market for a new job, there are plenty of simple ways you can improve your chances of securing a new role. Check out our list of handy tips for securing a new job, and get on the road to employment success.

Create a serious email address

Something like [email protected] is not going to give the right impression. Experts recommend using your name – such as [email protected] – to get your identity on the screen and in the minds of prospective employers from to outset.

Accept you are not a CV Expert – unless you are of course

Most of us haven’t dusted off our CV since the last job move, and expectations and trends are changing all the time. To ensure yours is up-to-date in its presentation and content browse some of the many excellent UK sites that offer guidance on how to create a killer CV.

Get your CV out there

The web is full of job sites, many of which specialise in certain professions. Choose a few where the jobs posted appeal to you and set about uploading your CV and building an impressive profile.

Start networking

Not everyone finds this easy (my hand is up). Breezing into job expos with confidence may not be your thing, but remind yourself that 80% of the other people in the hall will probably be fighting similar nerves. Bite the bullet and step out of your comfort zone. In addition be sure to make use of networking sites like LinkedIn, and follow potentially useful contacts on Twitter and Facebook. Makes sure your own profiles on these sites are pure as the driven snow so when employers check you out they aren’t confronted with a raft of drunken shots of you propping up the bar. Or falling down next to it.

Aim for Quality not Quantity

You will suffer rejections from many of your job applications. It goes with the territory. But instead of applying for everything in sight, target your applications to those roles you are honestly qualified for and which actually appeal. Taking a little extra time over 10 applications can deliver more success than 40 rushed applications. Be sure to respond to the specific needs of each role, and highlight how your skills and experience meet the requirements.

Tips for securing a new job

Keep and Open Mind

When looking at jobs to apply for, do consider those ones for which you are overqualified. These roles can be a great stepping stone in the job you really want.

Check your Mobile

A prospective employer could, in theory, call at any time. With this in mind treat any unknown calls with professionalism, and make sure your voicemail message is sensible.

Keep Records of your Efforts

If you are serious about securing a job you will be applying for many roles simultaneously. Keep track on a spreadsheet or in a notebook of applications, contacts and where each process is at, to avoid duplicating your effort, or alienating an employer who contacts you directly.

Ask Good Questions

Once you get an interview it is vital to prepare. There is really no excuse in this techno climate for not being ready for standard issue catch-you-out questions from the panel, so be ready with some of your own when you are invited to ask them too. Choosing questions that show you have really considered the role and the organisation will make you appear organised and serious about your application. When the interview is over, a polite follow-up letter can do no harm and may just help keep you foremost in the employer’s mind.

Get Creative

If the application process is slow-going don’t get disheartened. Use this time to hone your skills, gain new ones, and seek additional experience through volunteer work. Be sure to also consider less traditional job types, such as internships, part-time positions, or freelance work. All of these will keep you busy and on the ball, making sure you are at the top of your game when the perfect employer asks you to drop in for a chat …





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