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Training staff on the job

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When it comes to training your employees, training staff on the job is often the best idea. That way they are actually putting their new skills into practice as they learn. It can help them to learn at a faster pace and benefits your company right from the start. You don’t have to wait for them to get back from a classroom. Instead, they are working for you as you teach them the skills they’ll need to improve their productivity.

Tips for training your employee’s in the workplace

On the job training is often seen as an advantage to employees too. There are many ways to train your employees in the workplace and here you’ll learn more about the best ones.

1: Mentoring your staff

Providing each new member of staff with a mentor is one of the best ways to help them settle in. Not only can mentoring help to train the employee, it can also benefit the actual mentor as well as the company. This is one of the key techniques you should put into place within the workplace. The mentor can pass on their own knowledge and tips and this in itself will help them to feel valued.

2: Make external training go further

training at workOccasionally members of staff will need to attend external training courses. In these situations you can get them to take notes and pass on their skills when they get back. They can then be responsible for training other members of staff. It brings in many new great ideas for a company and is cost effective. The employee who attended the training will also develop their own set of skills. They will become more used to making presentations and sharing their ideas – two very powerful skills needed in a workplace.

3: Transfers

Transferring a member of staff to a different department or section of the business is also a great idea as they will get to learn a whole range of new skills. This broadens their experience and gives them more career choices within the company. It also means if you ever have a shortage in one department, you can easily get other employees to cover.

4: Promotions

One of the sure-fire ways to get an employee to improve at work is to give them a promotion. Now obviously you don’t want to be handing out promotions if your staff don’t deserve one. Take a good look at employees who really stand out and go that extra mile for the company or provide the incentive of promotion. If an employee knows there’s a promotion coming up, they will do their best to improve to make the grade.

5: Job Shadowing

If you want an employee to learn about specific roles, the best way for them to learn is to actually watch somebody else do it. They first observe how the job is done and then they get a short time period to practice themselves. Job shadowing usually lasts anything from a day to a month. It’s one of the best ways to train your employees and should definitely be incorporated into your training policy.



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