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Training to work in childcare

Training to work in childcare

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Childcare is a rewarding profession that offers the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives and education of young children. At the beginning of July 2015 Sam Gyimah, the Childcare Minister, announced that those people looking to work in the profession are to be given more help to gain the level of knowledge and expertise required, ensuring children are given the best possible start in life.

English and Maths

These two core subjects have long been a standard requirement for many jobs and training posts, but the spotlight has never before focused so keenly on these subjects in relation to childcare. It makes perfect sense that those adults in a position to help educate our kids should have a good grasp of the basics. Part of the new initiative for childcare apprentices means, by the end of training they will need to demonstrate a standard equivalent to grade C or higher at GCSE in both subjects.

Ofsted Results

Training to work in childcareEnsuring that all children benefit from a good standard of early years education has been a priority for the current government. Recent Ofsted statistics suggests, the additional hours of free childcare now offered to parents of preschoolers is creating a greater number of children with well-developed reading competencies than ever before. It is estimated that some 85% of children receiving free childcare hours do so in a setting that has been assessed as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

According to the gov.uk website the Childcare Minister stated:

“We’re totally committed to raising the bar and improving the care children receive in the early years, parents can have the strongest confidence in the people who are teaching our youngest children.”

He added that:

“However, unnecessary barriers shouldn’t stop skilled people joining the workforce, it makes much more sense to have an exit standard rather than a barrier to entry. That’s why I’m pleased to say that we will offer people the chance to study their maths and English GCSEs alongside their childcare apprenticeship training.”

Those in the childcare sector have welcomed news of the initiative, believing that this will encourage more apprentices to enter the profession, secure in the knowledge that they will receive the support and encouragement to help them attain the necessary level of competency in these core subject areas while training.

The government is continually seeking new ways to improve the standards of early years education, by setting more robust criteria for the necessary qualifications, it is hoped that the quality of new entrants to the workforce will continue to rise.




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