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Using social media to promote your business

using social media to promote your business

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Using social media to promote your business can set you on the path to success. We’re all aware of social media on a personal level, but if you run your own business do you use this medium to its full advantage? Whether you’re just starting out or are an established business, which platforms should you be focussing on and how can they benefit your company?


We’ve probably all got a personal Facebook page, but could it be used to effectively promote your business? The great feature of Facebook is that once a follower likes or shares one of your comments, their friends can see this on the news feed. This is a good way of encouraging new customers and followers.

using social media to promote your businessYou need to update your page regularly by promoting special offers or new products or ask for opinions on a new line. Using Facebook is all about interacting with customers, so you need to get them talking about your brand. Try asking a question relating to your products or have people post photos using them. For example, if you sell baking products they could post an image of their cakes.


You might be put off Twitter by all the jargon and etiquette, but it’s a great marketing tool. This is a quick medium for posting updates and news, which can then be re-tweeted by your followers. In order to harness the full effects of this site you need to have lots of followers. Search for others within your field or in a related area and follow them. This will then encourage them to follow you and help to build up your network.

Interacting with customers through Twitter is a good way of starting conversations and engaging with them on a more personal level. You can offer hints and tips, provide links to relevant industry news or use it to request customer feedback.

You Tube

This is often ignored as a medium by businesses, but it can help to provide your company with a personality. To get the most impact out of the site your videos need to be funny and original, as well as being informative. If a viewer likes your video they’re more likely to subscribe to your channel or share the link with their friends.

Depending on your business, you could post videos of hints and tips, demonstrations of your products or ask customers to upload their videos, including reviews. You Tube can have an excellent viral effect, with good videos being shared across other social media sites.

LinkedInusing social media to promote your business

On a personal level most people wouldn’t consider using LinkedIn. However for businesses it provides a network of like minded people. Once you’ve set up your profile you can join groups relating to your business or customers, which will help to expand your contacts. The site has a function for users to ask questions, so try and answer those that are within your expertise. If you answer them on a regular basis you could be deemed an expert in your field, increasing your standing on the site.


This medium might not have the same power as Facebook yet, but users are growing on a regular basis. One of the great features of the site is the Hangout tool, which allows you to initiate a conversation with a group of customers, maybe to gather reviews or comments on your site and products. In a similar way to Facebook, you can add links to articles, blog posts or special offers. Basically anything that you think customers will be interested in and will start people talking and sharing.


Pinterest is a great site to use if your business is image based, as the concept revolves around people sharing photos that interest them. On your page you can add photos of your products, as well as interesting items from other sites. To build up your followers start by following competitors and other pages of significance or add a special offer image to attract users to your page. The site is a good way of showing your expertise in a specific field. For example, if you sell kitchen products add a recipe board to your page or for children’s products you can include an arts and crafts board.

However you use social media the main point to remember is that you need to use the right tool for your audience. There’s no point spreading yourself thinly across all the sites, if your main customers only focus on one or two.






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