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Using twitter to promote your business

Idiots guide to twitter

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Using twitter to promote your business can give you the kick-start  you need. If you have a Facebook account, but you don’t have a clue how Twitter works, you’re missing out on a sensational, and very quick way to promote your business to millions of people simultaneously. Think of Facebook like going into the same room, day after day. The same people are there, saying the same things, and talking about their children, cats, and dogs over, over, and over again. Yawn. It’s a closed, private network, and is therefore difficult to promote your business on.

Twitter is very different – it’s an open network and has the potential to connect you with millions of people at the push of a button, which is great for  promoting your business and networking.

Watch the YouTube tutorial

Initially, Twitter can be off-putting, because it seems complicated to make a post. What do all those symbols mean? What on earth is a #hashtag? Firstly, watch a video tutorial on YouTube, and you’ll pick up the several basic rules in no time. Once you’ve got a handle on how to post tweets, you’ll need a good handle for your company, so think of something witty, memorable and easy to remember.

Share and share alikeUsing twitter to promote your business

The point of Twitter is to encourage people to share your posts, or ‘retweet’ them, as it’s known. This can be a blog, a photograph, an interesting factoid or an opinion. Say you work as a wedding photographer and you want to promote your business. A tweet as banal as ‘I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow’ will sink without a trace, but a tweet that links to your blog, which features a fascinating article about wedding photography techniques could soon catch on, and be shared virally.

Rub shoulders with people in your industry

Twitter has a search engine facility, just like Google. Using keywords, search for businesses and people in your sector, and start networking. Not only will you be able to share tips and start making a name for yourself, but you’ll also get a sneaky peek at how your competitors promote their business.

Create a stir

One of the fastest ways to proliferate on Twitter is to run a competition. Perhaps give away a prize or a voucher to anybody who retweets your deal. You can also run a Daily Deal – for instance, 20% off wedding photographs if booked before 5 PM. Watch those retweets fly.

Go behind the scenes

You may consider your job to be humdrum and boring, but chances are, there are people out there who find it fascinating. Use your tweets to give a behind-the-scenes insight about projects you’re involved in.

Tweet industry news

Become an expert in your field. Keep up-to-date with  events and developments, and tweet about them regularly. This will give your timeline added gravitas, and neatly avoid the curse of the dreaded vacuous tweet.Using twitter to promote your business

Sink and die

Did you know that when sharks stop swimming, they sink and die? It’s the same with Twitter – you have to keep on tweeting, otherwise you’ll disappear without a trace. All that will remain of you will be a shoe floating on the surface. With that in mind, aim to keep your head above water, and tweet between five and 10 times per day. There are some excellent automated programs such as TweetDeck, where you can schedule your tweets if you’re not going to be around to post them manually.

Show them you care

Don’t use your Twitter account like an impersonal robot. Engage your followers, chat with them and have fun with them. The occasional @ mention can work wonders. Take an interest in what they do, and naturally, they’ll take an interest in what you do.

Remember, Twitter is not a trite way of telling people what colour socks you’re wearing, although plenty use it for this sole purpose. In the correct hands, it can a phenomenally powerful social media marketing machine, and all you’ve got to do is learn how to harness its incredible strength.



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