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What is a mumpreneur?

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The Only Way Is Essex might have catapulted phrases like ‘well jel’ and ‘totes amaze’ into our lives but what is a ‘mumpreneur’ and where did it come from? It has certainly found its way into the English dictionary and as more and more mums are discovering their entrepreneurial streak, it’s a term we are likely to hear much more of.

Mums in business

The rising cost of childcare often means that mums are returning to work only for their salaries to barely cover the cost of someone else looking after your child. Due to some parents having unsocial working hours, the inability for some companies to reduce hours or make them flexible enough to work around childcare, many mums are torn between being a good parent and trying to be a valued employee and it’s a balance we often struggle with. In a society where both parents are often equal financial contributors to the family pot, many mums are now setting up their own businesses’ from home while taking care of the house and children and in turn the word ‘mumpreneur’ was born.What is a mumpreneur?

Mums mean money!

It’s not a word everyone likes and many entrepreneurial mums prefer to keep both mum and businesswoman hats on separate pegs, but whether you like the term or not, it’s what it stands for that is important and considering that mumpreneurs now contribute £7.4Billion pounds to the economy each year, it’s something which the Government now recognise as a multi-billion pound industry!

Have you got what it takes?

Being a successful mumpreneur is a 24/7 job and takes a woman with drive and determination to both succeed in business while putting their children first. It should never be thought of as an easy option or downgraded to being a ‘little side-line to keep you occupied’; it’s hard work that doesn’t finish at 5pm when you switch off your laptop. Your laptop will probably remain on until you go to bed and will then be replaced with a tablet or smart phone so you can keep track of work before you go to sleep or if you wake in the night with ideas that just can’t wait until morning. You will need to switch from businesswoman, to wife, to partner, to mummy mode at the drop of a hat and be focused enough to make your business a success.


In order to effectively be superwoman, you need to make time for yourself in the midst of all this. An unhealthy body and mind is counter productive so mumpreneur’s should always take time out of the day to focus on themselves. Whether that is 10 minutes in the morning to meditate and prepare for the day ahead or making a relaxing bath with a glass of wine a regular wind down activity. You are never off duty to having regular ‘me’ time is a must!What is a mumpreneur?

If all of this sounds like a regular 9 to 5 would be easier, then for some it would. But the independence, flexibility and rewards being your own boss, can be the answer when it comes to fulfilling all your wishes and needs as a parent and businesswoman. There’s no doubt its hard work and you never switch off, but rushing to get to a child-minders on time, missing a school play, paying out vast sums in nursery fee’s or losing your identity are all the things you won’t have to worry about ever again.




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About Rebecca Robinson

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