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What is a Traineeship?

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A traineeship is a program where young people engage in work based experiences to improve their use of English and Maths in a job environment and get them ready for full time work.

How does a Traineeship work?

It provides essential skills to help on the path to gaining an apprenticeship or getting a job by providing real time experience in what it is like in the world of work and how basic skills are used every day to carry out a variety of tasks. The goal is to teach young out of work people the value of work and help them get recognised as viable employees with any company that is willing to take them on, ultimately taking people who for a variety of reason have very little formal qualifications and give them a chance to get on the employment ladder through work or an apprenticeship.

The aim of the traineeship is to create a workforce that is talented and sustainable creating a stronger workforce for the future by ensuring new employees have the basic skill set and knowledge to move forward in a fast paced career without the need for expensive and exhaustive on the job training. By using the traineeship as a spring board into an apprenticeship the young person has a founded understanding of what it takes to work hard and how to use basic numeracy and literacy to complete tasks and help the process of learning new skills on the job. The traineeship can take away a lot of misconceptions about the work place and help the person integrate more easily into a new team, statistics also show that a young person with a numeracy or literature qualification are nearly 8% more likely to find employment than someone who hasn’t.

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Lasting anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months the traineeship can provide a solid foundation to build your future upon, but is it right for everyone? If you’re aged between 16 and 19 and want to work but keep getting turned down for apprenticeships because you lack the skills, experience or qualifications they are looking for then a traineeship is probably the right option for you provided you are committed to starting work six months from the start of your course. A traineeship probably isn’t right for you if you are over 24 (25 if you have a Learning Disability), already have strong work based experience or good qualifications or are already in some form of employment.

How do you find more information?

If you are interested in taking a big step toward the rest of your life by gaining real time useful work experience then you should probably look at this scheme and take advantage of it as soon as possible, but it’s important to remember the pressure is on you to stick at it and do well, work hard and you will see the benefits. Log on and type ‘National Careers Service’ into your favourite search engine and apply today, it may be the best thing you’ve done to help you on the right path to a rewarding career.




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