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What not to wear at work

not to wear at work

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It’s often difficult to determine what you should and shouldn’t wear in the office. There used to be a pretty standard look that all office staff followed. However, these days there’s been a huge increase in the amount of casual dress days such as ‘dress down Friday’.Aimed to make these days more fun and relaxed, there’s often also a charity aspect involved too. Companies raise money for charities by charging their employees £1-£2 to dress in casual clothes on one day of the week.This may be all in a good cause but it’s left some employees concerned with what they should wear. If you’re struggling to know what not to wear at work and what should be avoided then the following advice should help.

The following is a list of what you definitely, under no circumstances should wear to the office. As a general rule you should keep your look business-casual. Here’s the list of things you shouldn’t wear:

1. Never show too much skin:
This is a particularly common problem in offices across the country. Even in the hot summer months you should cover up as much as possible. Too much cleavage is a definite no-no. Opt instead for a classy, chic look. Think elegant rather than sexy. Pencil skirts and dresses are a great example of something you can wear to the office.

2. Avoid slogan T-shirts and ripped jeans:
This is definitely over-stepping the casual dress code. Ripped jeans and slogan t-shirts don’t give off a professional image. It can actually make the difference between being promoted or not at your annual review.

3. Outdated outfits:
Suit jackets with shoulder pads and loose trousers are something else to be avoided. This is more a 1980’s look that really isn’t coming back into fashion anytime soon! Keep your style updated. If you need inspiration, look online. You’ll find the latest fashion trends that will help to keep you looking classy and business-like.

4. Piercings and tattoos:
Most employers hate their employees to flaunt their tattoos and piercings. You’ll need to cover them up as much as you can before you get into work. Tattoos may look good, but they unfortunately create a very unprofessional look; unless you work as a tattoo artist that is!

tattoos and piercings

5. Avoid the ‘just got out of bed’ look:
Even if you have over-slept and you’ve had to rush into work, you should never let it show. Wrinkled clothing and messy hair are a huge no-go area. Always iron your clothes the night before and ensure you at least spray your hair with dry shampoo before you head out of the door. The just got out of bed look is never a professional one!

These are the top tips to follow when trying to decide what to wear to the office, but it’s worth keeping in mind that every office is different. You should check your company’s dress code policy if you’re unsure of what is acceptable – this should clearly outline what isn’t accepted.





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