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What you should not do at work


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10 office faux pas

Are you trying to improve your chances of promotion? If you want to give off a professional vibe in the office there are a number of things what  you should not do at work. The below tips will help you to avoid the top 10 office faux pas.

1: Never disclose too much information

One of the main things people complain about in an office is when their colleagues over-share. You spend most of your life with your colleagues so naturally you are going to want to share information about your lives at some point. The key is to not give too much away as you still need to come across as professional. Talking too much will also annoy your colleagues.

2: Keep your look natural

Going to work looking like you’re going out on the town is never advisable. A little bit of lip-gloss is fine. However, avoid painting your nails, brushing your hair and plucking your eyebrows while at work. You’re not a model, you’re in an office.

3: Be friendly

You have no choice at all in whom you end up working with. Even if you really don’t like the person you get stuck with, you still need to be friendly and get along. You’re grown-ups and you need to work together. Smile as much as you can and the working day will be a lot more bearable.

4: Never complain or gossip about colleagues

No matter how much they get on your nerves, never complain about your colleagues to other colleagues. It’s a really terrible trait to have and nobody likes a gossip. Focus on your work, not on other people.


5: Know how to socialise with men and women

Offices these days consist of both men and women colleagues. You should never avoid talking to one particular gender. Learn tips on how to socialise with both men and women at work.

6: Be understanding if a new baby is delivered

Yes, it’s annoying when a colleague or your boss has a new baby. You’ll hear constant stories about them and it can get tiresome. Don’t let this show. Understand and appreciate their happiness. It likely won’t last too long anyway!

7: Don’t make assumptions

It’s easy to make assumptions about what your colleagues will and won’t know. Saying something like “Wow Mike I never thought you’d know that” will not be seen as a compliment. Instead it can come across as really patronising.

 8: Avoid smelly food

If you bring smelly food in for lunch, you will end up stinking out the office. Nobody wants to be seen as the smelly food guy!

 9: Don’t be messy

Always tidy up after yourself in the staff room and kitchen. Try to keep a tidy desk too. Messiness isn’t an attractive trait.

 10: Never boast about money

Most people aren’t swimming in money these days. In fact, a lot of your colleagues will likely be finding it hard to get by each month on what they earn. Therefore, if you’ve come into money or your partner is doing well, don’t boast about it. If you do your colleagues will soon end up hating you.



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