• Can I get the sack for being off sick

    Every one gets poorly sometimes, but it can be a worry when you have to take time off work. How will your boss react and what rights do you each have? Every employment contract is different, so the complete answer will always depend on your individual circumstances, but there are some general laws designed to

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    How can working parents get involved at school

    When your child starts primary school they join a new community, one they’ll be part of for the next seven years. And while it’s important that it be ‘theirs’, it’s also beneficial if you can have a relationship with that community that goes beyond rocking up at the school gates on time (mostly!) and turning

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    childcare costs

    Is the cost of childcare rising

    The cost of childcare has long been a contentious issue and for working parents it seems to be getting more expensive. Recent reports have highlighted above inflation increases at a time when wages and working family benefits have risen below inflation. The cost of a child The Child Poverty Action Group’s report ‘The Cost of

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    Holiday entitlements at work

    Will term time holidays continue?

    The government have received a petition demanding they put a stop to the ban on schoolchildren taking time off school for holidays during term-time. The petition has 126,000 signatures and has been submitted to the Department for Education. Campaigners state that families can’t afford the inflated cost of a holiday during school holidays. 10 days

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    helping at school

    Holiday childcare

    It’s the Summer Holidays and your tiny little bundles of terror are off school, but what happens when you still have to go to work? For some the reality is that they can’t rely on family help to support them when they have to work, and many employers simply can’t allow you to have that

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    Childcare child playing

    Help with childcare costs

    Falling pregnant is an exciting time but with a new baby comes physical, emotional and financial challenges. One of the biggest stretches on a family’s finances is childcare costs, with an average full time place costing £11,000 a year. If you live in London you could be looking at £14,000 a year – childcare does

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