• hiring a private maternity nurse

    What does a nanny do?

    What does a nanny do? Having our own Mary Poppins would be great but the role of a nanny isn’t quite the same as the magical character we all know and love. Having children is a full time job in itself; from never ending mountains of clothes to wash to helping with homework – the

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    making time for your children

    How to become a childminder

    Are you thinking about how to become a childminder? Childminding can be an incredibly rewarding and flexible way to balance caring for a family and earning an income. Although its not all plain sailing (there will be days when you see more bodily fluids than you thought it possible for little bodies to produce), taking

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    does your child know their body parts?

    Do you need a babysitter?

    Do you want a babysitter? Well having a baby shouldn’t mean you are confined to your home and child for the next 16 years. Every now and then, you and your partner may want a night off from baby duties to get out and enjoy a little ‘grown up’ time. As well as being a

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    starting nursery

    Starting Nursery

    Starting nursery can be a very anxious time for both toddler and parent. Having a child who is reluctant to go can be doubly distressing. Often there can be feelings of guilt and sadness on the part of the parents, exacerbated by the knowledge that an era is ending. What should be an exciting and

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    teaching your child to share

    Out of school childcare

    Out of school childcare can be a headache for many working parents. Your child’s been happy at their nursery or with your childminder for the past three to four years, and everything has been running smoothly. But now that school is looming, your child’s day – and your childcare arrangements – are about to get

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    what parents can do to support their children's learning

    Ofsted school inspections: What do they mean?

    My children’s school recently went into panic mode. Why? Because they had just received the notification that Ofsted were on their way for their latest inspection. The news is enough to send any school into overdrive because the outcome of such reports is so important to parents when choosing a school for their child –

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