• Are we facing a £10 charge to use the NHS

    Taking time off work when your child is ill

    Kids get poorly – it is a fact, and whilst it would be convenient for employers if our children were poorly after work or at weekends it simply doesn’t work like that. Even employers who have children can seem to display a lack of empathy and understanding for a parent facing time off work due

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    Holiday playschemes

    Term time holiday ban

    The Government has cited the loss of ‘valuable learning time’ as the reason behind its decision to ban families from taking children out of school during term time. But the move has not gone down well with hundreds of thousands of parents up and down the country. Previous rules Previously, headteachers were able to grant

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    Is nanny sharing a better option

    Before new parents return to work, thoughts have to turn to childcare. While you want the best care possible for your little one, you don’t want the cost of it to break the bank and make going back to work feel like a waste of time. As anyone who has looked into childcare knows, it

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    Having multiple jobs

    Having one job seems hard enough doesn’t it but many people actually have a second job or maybe two part time jobs. Having multiple jobs is on the increase, some through choice and others born from necessity. Why do people have multiple jobs? In these cash strapped times some people don’t actually have an alternative.

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    Can I look after a friends kids

    Finding a childminder you like and trust can be tricky, so if you have a good friend who is able to take care of your kids it can seem like the perfect solution. For stay-at-home parents it can be a great way to help friends out and even earn a little cash on the side.

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    tax free child care

    Benefits of having childcare in the workplace

    A survey released on January 23rd of 2,000 mothers found that 67% thought day-care issues where making their work-life difficult. 20% of working mothers stated they would like to take on at least 10 extra hours of work a week, however childcare issues prevent them from doing this. Undoubtedly, one of the most accommodating and

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