Proofreading tips

Proofreading: Top Tips

Proofreading. Weather just posting a status update on facebook, submitting your cv for a job, or righting an essay on English language, chances are, you need to brush up on your proofreading skills if you didn’t spot the deliberate mistakes in the above paragraph. What is proofreading? Proofreading means going through your text carefully with

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Business Plan

Create a Business Plan: The basics

A good business plan captures the financial aims and the strategic operation of your business. How to create a business plan If you want to create a good business plan it should include the following: (1)            Written overview of your business aims (2)            It’s product and/or service (3)            The management team – Summary (4)            An

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Hot Desk

Could using a Hot Desk be good for your business?

What is a Hot Desk? The term Hot Desk comes from the naval term of hot racking, sailors used to share bunks and sleep in shifts! In the 80’s and 90’s the idea was transferred into the business sector, and meant using work desks to save costs and space. The idea worked well, there were

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Train as a private tutor

Career change: Could you train as a Private tutor?

Many parents are hiring a private tutor to give their children additional help and support. There are also an increasing number of adults who also are seeking out private tuition in either specific areas of education or because they didn’t achieve their best when at school and want a better academic foundation. If you are

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Firing your nanny

Getting sacked: Avoiding the Black Ball of Death on your CV

Sooner or later, after several kids playing up, an absent or non-existent spouse making things harder, useless lazy colleagues and a seriously bad hair day, you may find yourself swearing at someone in your office. And you may find yourself on trumped-up charges of verbal abuse, heading rapidly for disciplinary action of some sort. Whilst

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Blogging to promote business

Blogging to promote your business

Can blogging really help your business? Everybody’s talking about them and everybody seems to have one…everyone except you. I’m talking about a blog, and it’s about time you had one to promote your business so you better get blogging! Let me set your mind at rest – Blogs are easy and inexpensive to start, and

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