What not to do when networking

Networking is the perfect way to enhance your career or grow your business. Despite the popularity, and undoubted value, of online networking, meeting people face-to-face remains an invaluable way to make new connections. Not everyone relishes the challenge of walking into a networking event and schmoozing with a bunch of strangers. Novice networkers often make

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dont like your job

What to do when you dont like your job

‘If you hate your job so much, why not just quit?’ If I had a penny for the number of times people said this to me I’d be rich and wouldn’t need to work – Ha! Sadly, I didn’t, but ten years ago, when my job had turned me into a grumpy-puss and I was

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Parents are spending less time with their children

Striking a work life balance with your own business

Starting or maintaining your own successful company involves a great deal of sacrifice – as any entrepreneur will tell you. Businesses have to be worked at, often at the expense of your social life, your family and sometimes even your sanity. But does it really matter how successful your business is if you’re spending 24

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The word crowdsourcing was coined in 2006 and relates to the practice of getting work or funds  from a large group of people by advertising online. Over the last decade, organisations and individuals have gone about obtaining services, ideas, monies or content by asking for contributions from large groups of people through specialised websites. Everyone

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Making a career change later on in life

As we approach middle age we often start thinking about how life has turned out compared to what our dreams and ambitions were when we were younger. Making a career change later on in life is a brave decision to make but also very liberating. Sometimes life’s twists and turns mean things turn out even

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How to fire someone correctly

Having to fire an employee is never going to be easy no matter what the working relationship is. Very often giving the bad news can be just as dreadful as the person receiving it. Yet in this commercial world, there is little room for sentiment, so follow these tips on how to fire someone correctly.

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