Tips for a productive morning

Being productive in a morning can be difficult. As a freelance writer, it’s crucial that I get a big chunk of my work done before noon. If I don’t get my work done early in the day, I’m going to fall behind and will undoubtedly end up feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately though, I am not a morning

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How to turn your hobby into a career

Think of your very favourite past time, the activity you turn to for fun when work is finished and all your chores are done. Now imagine that this activity is your job – wouldn’t that be fab?! Who hasn’t fantasised about getting up each morning and dreamily going about the day doing the things you

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why are letting agent's fees so high

Finding a good bookkeeper

Finding a bookkeeper might seem like a pretty straight forward task, but it’s finding a good bookkeeper that can be the tricky part. Some companies might believe that plonking someone in front of a computer screen and getting them to input numbers from various documents with little understanding of what they are doing is all

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How to stay motivated working from home

Working from home is a convenient way to run a business or to manage office workloads remotely, but it can sometimes be difficult to remain motivated.  However, there are some essential tips on how to stay motivated working from home. Organise the Day If you have a plan to follow, you are less likely to

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VAT guide for your business

When your business reaches the stage where it has to start paying Value Added Tax (VAT), it can be quite complicated to understand. Your business needs to earn a set sum of money before it has to start paying VAT. Unlike other types of tax, this one is collected by registered businesses on behalf of

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How to set up a blog

How to set up a blog and write successfully Do you have a passion?  Something which rocks your world?  Then blog about it!  Having your own blog can open the door to a vast range of opportunities – indeed, chances are, whatever you want out of life, a blog can help you get it…  Write

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