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Mumpreneur and Dadpreneur: Do we like these terms?

The terms mumpreneur and dadpreneur are popping up all over. It’s a sad fact of our society that we have to micro-label every facet of our culture, instead of just being what we are we are forced to squeeze ourselves into unrecognisable sub-cultures, invented by a glossy journalist trying to coin the next buzz word.

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Franchising: Join a team to go it alone

Franchising is big business; you’ve long dreamed of running your own business, but you’re not sure where to start. What about overheads, staff training and finding a decent location visible to the public? Don’t let this deter you, because the answer could be franchising: For roughly the price of a market stall outlay, you could

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life as a freelance editor

Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are on the rise…you fold the letter carefully, licking the envelope with a smile. You ask for a few quiet words with your boss, and once you’re alone, you hand in your notice. You’re going home, but you’re not on maternity leave. Quietly, night after night, and in any spare moments, you’ve been

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Marketing your business

Developing a marketing plan for your new business

Developing a marketing plan is one of the first things you need to put in place when establishing a new business. There’s no point selling an excellent product or service if no one knows about you. If you’re putting together a plan, what points should you be considering? Do Your Research Any good marketing strategy

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income protection insurance

Coping with redundancy

Coping with redundancy can be difficult; losing your job often comes as a huge shock and it can be hard to deal with. It’s important to try and stay positive and focus on the next stage of your life, even if that seems uncertain. There are ways in which you can cope with the stresses

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