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dont like your job

What to do when you dont like your job

‘If you hate your job so much, why not just quit?’ If I had a penny for the number of times people said this to me I’d be rich and wouldn’t need to work – Ha! Sadly, I didn’t, but ten years ago, when my job had turned me into a grumpy-puss and I was

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Re-taking A levels

Not all students were jumping for joy when they received their A Level results, but whether your results were expected or a disappointing surprise, you need not be maudlin for long. For many, A Levels are the gateway into university and the majority of courses require students to achieve specific grades to enrol on a

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Study mentoring at university

Going to University can feel like a big jump to lots of young people; new life skills are needed for independent living such as budgeting and keeping on top of bill paying. The change is also reflected in the academic expectations in that university students are expected to take much more responsibility for getting their

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vocational education


Think apprentice; do you see the stern faced Alan Sugar, sitting at a desk, lecturing the fame hungry contestants before he tells them “you’re fired!”? Hmmm me too, but we have begun to hear a lot more about apprenticeships lately, it’s become a bit of a buzz word. Apprenticeships aren’t a new concept though, many

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Ten job hunting tips

In today’s market, job-hunting can feel like banging your head off a brick wall. It can be easy to become dejected and lose motivation but it’s important not to give up. Whether you’re looking for your first job or taking the next step along your chosen career path, here are ten job hunting tips to

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Taking a career break or sabbatical

If you’re desperate for a break from work, there are a couple of options open to you. If you’re lucky, your company may offer a sabbatical. Or you could take a career break – which basically means resigning from your job to explore other avenues. Here we take a look at the two options in

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