Further education

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Adjusting to University Life

In the coming weeks, tens of thousands of young people will be starting university for the first time. For many this will mean leaving the comfort of their own homes and the security of their parents to head out alone into the wide world. And while some may take to their new lives like ducks

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A Levels – The Parents’ Guide

A levels are qualifications undertaken by students in further education (age 16-19), mostly in academic subjects. They are traditional qualifications and as such are valued by most higher education providers (universities) and employers. What are A levels or AS levels? A levels consist of two years of study: the first year leads to an AS

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Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

So. I lost my job last year. When it happened, I thought it was the worst moment of my life – I work in a specialist sector in a declining industry and to say the prospects aren’t rosy is putting it mildly. At the time I felt like going to the local scrap heap and

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Adult education

Adult Education Bursaries – Could you be Entitled?

Perhaps you are a little surprised to see the word ‘bursary’? It may feel like a relic from the past, those halcyon days of full grants and reasonable tuition fees. But yes, bursaries do still exist, and even more surprisingly, these particular ones are designed for adults. What are Adult Education bursaries? They are offered

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Revision tips for exams

With the right approach and a lot of preparation, revising for exams need not be as stressful as you may initially fear. Whether you are revising for first year exams or finals, with these tips, you can be well on your way to success. Devise a Timetable Research has shown that short bursts of revision

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