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Coping with redundancy

Coping with redundancy can be difficult; losing your job often comes as a huge shock and it can be hard to deal with. It’s important to try and stay positive and focus on the next stage of your life, even if that seems uncertain. There are ways in which you can cope with the stresses

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does work?ing in an office make you fat

Does working in an office make you fat?

Do you work in an office? Have you wondered why you’ve been putting on weight recently? It could be because of your job. If you spend the majority of your day stuck at the computer or on the phone it’s likely that you’ll have put weight on in the last year. There are ways you

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Career Change

Changing Career

When the work-balance seesaw is tipped firmly against you; when you hate your job and boss with a passion; when you don’t feel like you’re earning your worth and progressing up the career ladder like you should – perhaps it’s time to consider retraining and changing career. Changing career doesn’t have to be difficult Thanks

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Using an apprentice

Using an Apprentice for Your Business

If you’re looking for a young workforce who are motivated to learn and develop their skills, then taking on an apprentice could be the solution. For businesses considering this option what does it actually involve, are there any disadvantages and what will it cost? Developing New Talent Apprenticeships are vocational training schemes that are a

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Train as a private tutor

Career change: Could you train as a Private tutor?

Many parents are hiring a private tutor to give their children additional help and support. There are also an increasing number of adults who also are seeking out private tuition in either specific areas of education or because they didn’t achieve their best when at school and want a better academic foundation. If you are

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Retrain at University

Could I really retrain and go to University?

It happened to me. There I was, sat at my desk and filing paperwork, when the boss came over with a grave look on her face. She asked if I would join her in the boardroom straight away, and I duly obliged – trailing behind her with my heart sinking rapidly into my stilettos. There

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