Grandparents and family

Can I get the sack for being off sick

Every one gets poorly sometimes, but it can be a worry when you have to take time off work. How will your boss react and what rights do you each have? Every employment contract is different, so the complete answer will always depend on your individual circumstances, but there are some general laws designed to

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Summer term childcare challenges

Children may rejoice as the summer holiday approaches, but for many working parents it can be a nightmare juggling childcare and keeping them entertained without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions for a stress-free summer… Sharing childcare Many families use the summer holiday to use up at least two weeks of annual leave and

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Family babysitters: Are you taking advantage?

When grandparents aren’t always available for childcare…

When grandparents aren’t always available for childcare, it can leave many parents in a never ending financial and emotional battle. When I was a nipper, my mum used to ferry me off to my grandmother’s house during the summer holidays while she went to work. My grandmother lived in a beautiful countryside location, and me

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does your child know their body parts?

Do you need a babysitter?

Do you want a babysitter? Well having a baby shouldn’t mean you are confined to your home and child for the next 16 years. Every now and then, you and your partner may want a night off from baby duties to get out and enjoy a little ‘grown up’ time. As well as being a

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starting nursery

Starting Nursery

Starting nursery can be a very anxious time for both toddler and parent. Having a child who is reluctant to go can be doubly distressing. Often there can be feelings of guilt and sadness on the part of the parents, exacerbated by the knowledge that an era is ending. What should be an exciting and

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