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Special education needs

Being the parent of a child with special education needs can be extremely difficult, especially if these needs affect your child’s ability to learn, socialise and adapt to their everyday surroundings. However, support is readily available for both you and your child should any additional help be required. What are Special Educational Needs? SEN or

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how to get your kids to eat fruit and veg

School dinners how healthy are they?

School dinners generally get a bad rap. Most people expect little better than turkey twizzlers and blancmange. However in reality most schools are striving to feed kids decent meals on low budgets and they are doing pretty well. School dinners food standards The school food standards that were introduced after Jamie Oliver raised awareness through

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raising your child's self esteem

Gifted children

Parenthood is a funny thing: When someone else’s child brings home a piece of A4 showing The Last Supper depicted in purple, green and orange with the disciples dressed as gangsta rappers, it’s hard not to laugh. Yet suddenly when it’s your own offspring, you start to see flashes of genius in every stroke of

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Bullied by other mums at the school gates?

Have you been bullied by other mums at the school gates? School can be a pretty tough place if every morning and afternoon you face dodging the spiteful comments, bitchy remarks, turned backs or seething glares, and that isn’t referring to the children! You may have thought the days of playground bullies were left behind

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what parents can do to support their children's learning

Ofsted school inspections: What do they mean?

My children’s school recently went into panic mode. Why? Because they had just received the notification that Ofsted were on their way for their latest inspection. The news is enough to send any school into overdrive because the outcome of such reports is so important to parents when choosing a school for their child –

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What is an academy school?

Key stages and The National Curriculum explained

Ever wanted the key stages and The National Curriculum explained? The National Curriculum was set up in 1989 as a bench mark of standards set for all state schools to achieve so that the education in the UK was at the same level in all areas of the nation and comprises of different subjects taught

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