Part time working, flexible hours and job sharing

tips for keeping your employees

Tips for keeping your employees happy and loyal

The secret to any successful business is happy, loyal employees. However, the focus is often more on gaining new customers and increasing profits. Some employers tend to forget about the people who help them do it. Happy and loyal employees will be more productive and keen to help you improve the business. The key to

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What not to do when networking

Networking is the perfect way to enhance your career or grow your business. Despite the popularity, and undoubted value, of online networking, meeting people face-to-face remains an invaluable way to make new connections. Not everyone relishes the challenge of walking into a networking event and schmoozing with a bunch of strangers. Novice networkers often make

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employment law

Zero hours contract

A zero hours employment contract generally offers workers employment status, but with no fixed hours – the employer is not obliged to offer work, and the employee is not obliged to accept any work offered. So what’s the point? Flexibility is the main point, for both workers and employees. These types of contract are most

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dont like your job

What to do when you dont like your job

‘If you hate your job so much, why not just quit?’ If I had a penny for the number of times people said this to me I’d be rich and wouldn’t need to work – Ha! Sadly, I didn’t, but ten years ago, when my job had turned me into a grumpy-puss and I was

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Are we facing a £10 charge to use the NHS

Taking time off work when your child is ill

Kids get poorly – it is a fact, and whilst it would be convenient for employers if our children were poorly after work or at weekends it simply doesn’t work like that. Even employers who have children can seem to display a lack of empathy and understanding for a parent facing time off work due

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Workplace discrimination against tattoos

Tattoos and piercings are now generally much more accepted than they were several years ago and many people have them. However, that doesn’t mean you will find it easy to get a job if you have a face full of body art. Although it will vary from job to job and depend on the individual

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