Part time working, flexible hours and job sharing

Why you should avoid eating lunch at your desk

We all know that eating regularly and healthily is the way to keep our energy levels up, but often forget that how and where we eat can affect our productivity too. If you’re a bit behind with work, grabbing a quick sandwich at your desk can seem like the best solution, but a recent study

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Balancing work with commitments at home

Times, they are a’changing and it is becoming increasingly common for more and more people to have long term care situations at home that they are committed to, as well as going out to work to earn money to pay the bills. With elderly parents living longer and life being more stressful, such as illness

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Ten attributes of a good leader

Leadership comes in many forms, in and outside of the workplace. At work you may have staff reporting to you, or you may be self-employed and have employees of your own. Perhaps you run a fitness class or a Brownie pack, or you are a teacher managing a class full of children. Whatever your role

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Taking a career break or sabbatical

If you’re desperate for a break from work, there are a couple of options open to you. If you’re lucky, your company may offer a sabbatical. Or you could take a career break – which basically means resigning from your job to explore other avenues. Here we take a look at the two options in

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Team building activities

As clichéd as it sounds, there’s nothing like a good team building session to help bring a workforce together. When done well, team building activities can be useful for a number of different reasons such as breaking the ice between new members, boosting morale, motivating employees and improving communication.Team building sessions can be used by

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Flexible hours to suit you

Enhance your work life balance

We constantly hear about how important the Work-Life balance is to our well-being, but achieving it is never quite that simple. With work, home and children to juggle, just getting through the day sometimes can feel like a major triumph, without worrying whether you’re on an even keel. Thankfully there are a few relatively effortless

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