Part time working, flexible hours and job sharing

Your small business and discrimination in the workplace

Running a small business is not an easy task. There’s so much that you need to be mindful of. One thing it would help to familiarise yourself with is discrimination law. If you aren’t familiar with this law and you have employees, you could end up in a lot of trouble one day without even

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job interview tips

The BEST job interview tips from YOU!

It’s a nail biting, nerve wracking time for many of us when we’re faced with a panel of people trying to judge whether we’re the right person for a job. So we asked for your job interview tips which have worked for you- here are the best! Nailing those nerves! ‘Don’t fiddle! If it’s a

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How to write a resignation letter

Before you take the move of resigning from work, make sure you’ve really thought it through. Sometimes hating your job isn’t a good enough reason to throw in the towel if you have nothing else lined up. However, there are also positive reasons to leave, such as relocation, a promotion, more favourable hours etc. But

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job seekers allowance

Finding a job after university

In today’s climate the job market can seem like a pretty bleak place and recent graduates could be forgiven for feeling like they’re banging their heads against a brick wall.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are jobs out there and by putting the effort in and making yourself stand out, you will

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How to recruit the right staff for your business

Recruiting the right staff can have huge benefits for your company. However, getting it wrong could mean you waste both valuable time and money. Here are a few tips on how to recruit the right staff for your business. Understand what you’re looking for Before you jump into hunting for the right employee, you need

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tax free child care

Benefits of having childcare in the workplace

A survey released on January 23rd of 2,000 mothers found that 67% thought day-care issues where making their work-life difficult. 20% of working mothers stated they would like to take on at least 10 extra hours of work a week, however childcare issues prevent them from doing this. Undoubtedly, one of the most accommodating and

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