Part time working, flexible hours and job sharing

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Manage your time at work better

Work is a fact of life for most of us, and jobs can have a nasty habit of encroaching on home-life.  If you are able to manage your time as best you can in the workplace will help to ensure you can leave for home at a reasonable time and, just as important, leave your

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pregnant maternity pay

I’m pregnant- when should I tell my boss?

One of the first things you might worry about when you’re pregnant is when to tell your boss. There’s never a perfect time to break the news, but there are ways in which you can prepare yourself and limit the impact. The Legal Side Legally you don’t have to inform work until the 15th week

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Virtual PA

What is a Virtual PA?

What is a virtual PA and could you use one? Today’s hectic lifestyles, which see many people struggling to balance the demands of both family and work, mean that it could pay to get some extra help – especially if you run your own business. Take your pick Fortunately there is a growing army of

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Going back into work after having a baby

Women going back into work after maternity leave are often stuck with menial jobs that don’t reflect their education, experience or skills – but if you plan ahead these can be avoided quite easily. How to get back into work Tips include finding ways to work from home before you leave your last job, making

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Part Time work

Avoiding back pain while you work

Back pain? Many many people now spend most of their working week sitting in front of computers. Habits like slouching and crossing legs can overtime lead to aches and pains that can lead to problematic back problems which can then lead to other physical difficulties as the body tries to compensate. Long term physical pain

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job sharing

Job sharing: how does it work?

Job sharing might seem simple to define – two people sharing one role – but every pair of job-sharers you speak to will probably have a slightly different arrangement to suit them, and hopefully their employer. Split the working week up Some pairs split the week 50:50 – two and a half days each, swapping

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