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pay rise for teachers

Training to become a teacher

Teaching can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging careers,training to become a teacher is also one of the hardest to get into. There’s a lot of training and qualifications you’ll need before you can actually start out in the classroom. Firstly, you need to decide what type of teacher you want to be

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Back to school boy smiling

Beat the Back to School Blues

Back to school is a term that is thrown around by advertisers from July onwards, reminding children that September is on it’s way even before they have finished their summer term. As the school summer holidays draw to a close you might notice your little ones, and not so little ones, getting anxious about returning

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early GCSE entries

The 11 Plus exam: What can you do to help your child?

Any parent who wishes their child to have a good standard of education will undoubtedly worry about whether their child has the potential to pass any necessary entrance exams in order the achieve this. The 11 plus exam is used to determine a child’s education after they leave primary school and a tripartite system of

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appeal against a school placement, Boy confused at school

Special education needs

Being the parent of a child with special education needs can be extremely difficult, especially if these needs affect your child’s ability to learn, socialise and adapt to their everyday surroundings. However, support is readily available for both you and your child should any additional help be required. What are Special Educational Needs? SEN or

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how to get your kids to eat fruit and veg

School dinners how healthy are they?

School dinners generally get a bad rap. Most people expect little better than turkey twizzlers and blancmange. However in reality most schools are striving to feed kids decent meals on low budgets and they are doing pretty well. School dinners food standards The school food standards that were introduced after Jamie Oliver raised awareness through

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what parents can do to support their children's learning

Getting your kids to do their homework

In an ideal world our children would scurry home from school and dutifully pull out their books, eager to complete their homework before dinner. In the real world that rarely happens, and as adults we can understand our children’s need for a little downtime in their day too. Encouraging children to take a realistic approach

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