How to set up a great home office

Working from home offers fantastic flexibility and has many positive benefits, not the least of which is avoiding the commute. Yet it can be all too easy to indulge in the freedom that being Home Alone brings, so it’s important to get your office space, and your time in it, right if you are going

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Starting a bed and breakfast business

Many of us dream about the house in the country and setting up a quaint little B&B to support our new lifestyle; but before the rose tinted glasses send us into a country spin, it’s essential to really think about the practicalities of this vision before opening the doors. Here are a few things to

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Freelance business woman

Registering as a Freelancer

With the economic downturn more people have decided to start up their own business. One of the simplest forms is to become a freelancer, which involves no registration costs and minimal administration. If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, what areas do you need to be aware of? Before you start your business, there are some

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fines for parents

Thinking of home schooling?

Put quite simply you are legally required to ensure your child is engaged in full time education, relative to their age and ability, however you are not required to send your child to state school. This opens the door for home schooling and gives some parents the chance to educate their children themselves. Whether the

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Technology productivity

Are we more productive with technology?

Thanks to the genius invention of the internet, we are becoming a nation of workers who would rather email than pick up a phone to make a call or write a letter. On average us British workers send and receive a staggering 10,000 emails every year but has it made us any more productive? One

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Idiots guide to twitter

Using twitter to promote your business

Using twitter to promote your business can give you the kick-start  you need. If you have a Facebook account, but you don’t have a clue how Twitter works, you’re missing out on a sensational, and very quick way to promote your business to millions of people simultaneously. Think of Facebook like going into the same room,

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