Retraining and Study

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    Training to become a teacher

    Teaching can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging careers,training to become a teacher is also one of the hardest to get into. There’s a lot of training and qualifications you’ll need before you can actually start out in the classroom. Firstly, you need to decide what type of teacher you want to be

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    What is a Traineeship?

    A traineeship is a program where young people engage in work based experiences to improve their use of English and Maths in a job environment and get them ready for full time work. How does a Traineeship work? It provides essential skills to help on the path to gaining an apprenticeship or getting a job

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    How to write a CV and Cover Letter

    Writing a Curriculum Vitae, or CV, can be a pain and everyone has their own views on what a good one looks like but there are some general rules that you’ll need to follow. What should be included in your CV? The most important feature on a CV is the contact details, they must be

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    Adjusting to University Life

    In the coming weeks, tens of thousands of young people will be starting university for the first time. For many this will mean leaving the comfort of their own homes and the security of their parents to head out alone into the wide world. And while some may take to their new lives like ducks

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    A Levels – The Parents’ Guide

    A levels are qualifications undertaken by students in further education (age 16-19), mostly in academic subjects. They are traditional qualifications and as such are valued by most higher education providers (universities) and employers. What are A levels or AS levels? A levels consist of two years of study: the first year leads to an AS

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    What are my child’s options at age 16?

    Finishing school is an exciting and daunting time for most 16 year olds, with many options open to them. From the summer of 2013 the age of participation is being increased to 17. This means that although a student may choose to leave school at 16, they are required to continue participating in education in

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