Retraining and Study

  • University girl

    Choosing a University

    There are a dizzying amount of factors involved when choosing a university and many students can begin to feel overwhelmed by the entire process. If you already know what course you want to do then other elements come into play: finances, quality of education and the reputation of a university. Those who are struggling to

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    Made redundant

    Your redundancy rights

    Redundancy is one of the defining aspects of recessions, and always one of the most damaging for people. However, whilst it is common, this will likely to be of no comfort for people who experience it, and being made redundant as often described as being traumatic, stressful and distressing. You have entitlements Generally, people are

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    the wonder of storytelling,

    What qualifications should a childminder have?

    Do you wonder what qualifications should a childminder have? Whatever age your child is, deciding to leave them with a childminder while you’re at work can be a difficult decision. Whether they’re there full time or just for a few hours before and after school, you need to ensure that the person looking after them

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    making time for your children

    How to become a childminder

    Are you thinking about how to become a childminder? Childminding can be an incredibly rewarding and flexible way to balance caring for a family and earning an income. Although its not all plain sailing (there will be days when you see more bodily fluids than you thought it possible for little bodies to produce), taking

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    what is the make it work campaign

    What is the ‘make it work’ campaign?

    Gingerbread: Helping single parents get back into work Have you heard of  or wondered what is the ‘make it work campaign? Bringing up a family involves a careful balancing act where parents have to manage childcare, finances and the physical and emotional needs of their children. This delicate balance becomes even more elusive when a

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    Working from home ideas

    Wondering what working from home ideas are out there? Whether you’re a stay at home parent, unable to get out to work or just want to earn some extra cash, there are several ways you can contribute to the household income by working from home. It does take motivation, drive and determination and if you

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