Retraining and Study

  • Pros and cons of being self employed

    Can I Be a Self-Employed Consultant?

    Are you tired of the daily work routine and crave more freedom? Have you recently been made redundant and looking for a new challenge? If these scenarios sound like you, then maybe you should think about becoming a self-employed consultant. Do you already have the skills to be a self-employed consultant? Most people have developed

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    Sports Massage

    How do I train in Sports Massage?

    The Sports Massage Association defines sports massage as  ‘the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments’ and a sports masseuse is someone who is trained to both treat injuries and offer preventative treatment with the health of the muscle and connective tissue, range of movement and posture.

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    what is the make it work campaign

    Going back into work after having a baby

    Women going back into work after maternity leave are often stuck with menial jobs that don’t reflect their education, experience or skills – but if you plan ahead these can be avoided quite easily. How to get back into work Tips include finding ways to work from home before you leave your last job, making

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    Proofreading tips

    Proofreading: Top Tips

    Proofreading. Weather just posting a status update on facebook, submitting your cv for a job, or righting an essay on English language, chances are, you need to brush up on your proofreading skills if you didn’t spot the deliberate mistakes in the above paragraph. What is proofreading? Proofreading means going through your text carefully with

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    Volunteering: Why would you work for nothing?

     Anyone thinking about volunteering will hear this from one of their friends at some point… Actually, there are quite a few reasons to volunteer, and not all of them are altruistic: Volunteering can open up your social life by giving you the chance to work with and meet new people and it can also enhance

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    Train as a private tutor

    Career change: Could you train as a Private tutor?

    Many parents are hiring a private tutor to give their children additional help and support. There are also an increasing number of adults who also are seeking out private tuition in either specific areas of education or because they didn’t achieve their best when at school and want a better academic foundation. If you are

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